Hitler – fodder for comedy?

In today's comic terrain, few if any subjects are off limits. Case in point, the proliferation of YouTube clips that use Adolf Hitler as fodder for comedy. Read more and see the clips...

Ingrid Betancourt's release, filmed by the Farc

A Colombian TV channel has broadcast a video of Ingrid Betancourt's rescue from the other side of the operation. When the helicopter takes off, the Farc cameraman, unaware of the trick that's just been played on him, is pleased to find that the fake humanitarian workers have left... a box of beer. See the video.


Obama vs McCain on the dance floor

For all of you who think the political process is nothing but a song-and-dance routine, this one's for you. Watch what happens when Barack Obama and John McCain engage in a different kind of battle...


30,000 immigrants waiting for deportation in the US

The number of immigrants locked up in US jails has exploded in the past 15 years, after a law that allows "double punishment" was introduced. Today, 30,000 detainees are awaiting deportation. Read more...

Protest group tries to "arrest" Karl Rove

One of the favorite targets of the left in recent years has been Karl Rove, mastermind of the George W. Bush election machine. While his role in helping Bush to the White House earned him nicknames like "The Brain" and "The Architect" among supporters, on the other side of the aisle, some of his nicknames aren't printable. See the video...

Going to Extremes for McCain & Obama

As we get closer to Election Day, both Republicans and Democrats are accusing the other side of going too far. And some of the worst behavior has been not from the candidates or their campaigns, but their supporters. See what happened when one group said, "enough!"

Anti-capitalists – big winners of the crisis?

While the financial world as we know it crashes down around our ears, the West's age-long love affair with capitalism is finally being brought into question. Which is why, anti-capitalists from around the world explain, their gates are being flooded with new members. Read more...

Spaniards split over "abortion boat"

By docking their boat at harbours around the world, Dutch NGO Women on Waves allows women to skirt abortion laws by operating in international waters. On Friday the group arrived in Spain, to a particularly cold reception. Read more...

When a stranger calls – and wants to talk politics

In the final weeks of the US presidential campaign, both candidates are using every tool in the box to help boost their support. And one of those tools can be a double-edged sword: robocalls. Read more and hear some examples...