Raw video of brutal Harare police training

Mugabe's police officers are infamous for brutality. Watch how they're trained, and you won't be surprised. Read more and see the video...


You’re watching Taliban TV

This little cyber-presenter, Dickie, seems pretty cute. Listen carefully to what he has to tell you however. He's repeating - word for word - press releases from the Afghan Taliban. Read more...


“Avoid the locals, stay in your hotel room!”

That's the message Hong Kong residents got when they saw this advertising campaign for Langham Hotels. Read more and see the, frankly excruciating, adverts.


Amateur video: highway patrol pull over ambulance

This video, in which we see two Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers pull over an ambulance in action, has already received over a million hits on YouTube since it was posted ten days ago. Viewers are outraged by what they consider to be a brutal act. Read more and see the video...


"Curry bashing": Indians the new scapegoats in Oz?

This CCTV footage has outraged Australia's Indian community, which in the past few years has fallen victim to a record number of brutal attacks. Read more and see the video...

Czech youths protest their leaders with eggs

For politicians in the Czech Republic, the European elections have turned the country into something of a sticky battleground. For two weeks the country's leaders were faced with increasing numbers of attacks by egg throwers. At first they tried to make a joke of it, but after the assaults became more violent, the politicians were relieved today to see the young activists put down their egg cartons. Read more...


Border dispute: Mexican residents attending US state-funded schools

This video claims to show dozens of Mexican residents crossing the border into Arizona and being driven by bus to a school in the town of Douglas, where they allegedly attend a state-funded school. The document has caused a furore in the state. Read more and watch the video...


Gardening: the sweetest crime

The "Guerrilla Gardeners" are growing in number. Armed with spades and rakes, these activists are on a mission to create green spaces in our city centres. Read more...


Our TV programme – what do you think?

This is the first edition of our TV show, launched on Saturday. Watch it and let us know what you think.