Tibetans in exile, 51 years later

Thousands of exiled Tibetans gathered in Dharamsala, north India, on Wednesday to mark the 51st anniversary of the aborted uprising in 1959. One of our Observers was there. Here are his photos:


Algeria “Islamist threat” poster raises hackles across the Mediterranean

France's National Front party is plastering this image around the country in the hope of gaining some votes for the upcoming regional elections. A woman wearing the niqab, minarets turned missiles, a clear "No to Islamism", and France draped in... the Algerian flag. A rather specific choice, and one that hasn't gone down well in the North African country. Read more...


Wedding dress, photographer, cake: must be a divorce party

An unusual trend is taking off in marriage-weary countries. Why mourn your failed marriage, when you can celebrate your divorce? Read more and see the photos...


Turkmenistan’s late "President for Life" on his way out

Turkmenistan is finally getting rid of one of the country's countless extravagant monuments dedicated to former dictator Saparmurat Niyazov. Are they finally moving on from the cult of the Turkmenbashi, the "Leader of all Turkmen", a man so self-obsessed that he officially re-named the month of April after his mother? Read more ...


Saudi women sick of being forced to buy underwear from men

Almost the entirety of Saudi Arabia's sales positions are held by men, making shopping for underwear a somewhat uncomfortable experience for women. In an attempt to reverse the trend, a group of exasperated Saudis tried to take control of the lingerie business. Did they succeed? Read more...


Iraq's unusual election campaign

This Sunday, Iraqis vote for a new parliament. Our Observers from diverse regions and political views talk to us about things they’ve seen during the campaign that are amusing, surprising or just plain irritating. Read more...

Zambian capital uninhabitable after floods

Lusaka has been submerged in floodwater for the past two weeks, leaving hundreds of homes uninhabitable. Six townships in the capital are affected.


Tehran’s graffiti war

One of the ways Tehran's anti-government "green movement" has been protesting the June election is to spray paint their message in green across the capital. Not impressed, Basij militia members spend their days spray painting over the tags with their own messages, in black. Read more and see the photos...


"The longest four minutes of my life"

Early Saturday morning, before dawn broke, a massive earthquake of magnitude 8.8  struck off the Chilean coast. Carlos, one of our Observers from Chile, was at his girlfriend's family home in Talca, Maule, one of the regions hardest hit by the quake. He brings us this account. Read more...


Should teachers be sacked for class lap dance?

Two Canadian teachers who performed a lap dance in front of pupils in Winnipeg have been suspended after a camera phone video of the act was posted on YouTube. Read more and see the clip...