After Calais 'jungle', police raze second migrant camp

All eyes were on the massive migrant camp in Calais, nicknamed the “jungle” by its occupants, when it was dismantled on Tuesday. Scenes of desperate-looking immigrants watching their scarce belongings razed by French riot police were caught on camera by French and British TV. Thirty kilometres from there, another "jungle" suffered the same fate, only this time no-one was watching. Read more…

Women can't drive, but children can

Women are strictly forbidden from driving in Saudi Arabia. So you can imagine how Susie, an American expat living in Jeddah, feels when she sees boys barely older than ten cruising at the wheel of their flashy SUVs. Read more…


The town of eternal stench

When Naples found itself under piles of rubbish early last year, the whole world knew about it. But in comparison with what you're about to see, those rubbish piles no longer look that monstrous. Read more...


Taiwanese serial kisser stalks the streets of Paris

In just two months, she's claimed 54 victims. A Taiwanese student has decided to immortalise her stay in Paris by photographing herself kissing 100 strangers and posting the evidence on her blog. Romantic? Far from it, according to some of her fellow countrymen. Read more...


All eyes on the Khodorkovsky trial

This is an artist's impression of the second trial of Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Once Russia's richest man and a potential opponent of then president Vladimir Putin, his imprisonment six years ago could now be extended until well after 2035. To publicise the event, almost 40 Russian artists filed into court to compete in illustrating the case. See more...

Ten ways to wear the ghotra

If you want to dress right in Saudi Arabia, then you'd better read our Observer's guide to wearing the ghotra - do it wrong and you might be unintentionally dressed as an MP, or just ten years out of date. Read more...


Japan’s new hit: "Mein Kampf", Manga-style

A Japanese publishing firm has re-edited a translation of Adolf Hitler's ideological pamphlet, first published in 1924. But this edition has a new twist: it's a manga-style comic. It's made quite a splash in Japanese bookshops. Read more...  


First images of torched French consulate

One of our Observers in Gabon sent us exclusive photos and video footage of the French consulate burning. It was torched yesterday in the city of Port-Gentil. Read more and watch the video

Ikea, perfect getaway for the Chinese

For most people, Ikea is the place where you spend Saturday afternoon waiting in a long queue to pay for some inexpensive furniture. Not for the Chinese. They've discovered that spending the day reading, sleeping and chatting on a brand new black sofa is much cheaper if you don't leave the shop with it. Read more...