Standing unemployed under the Liu Li bridge

Jia Ze Wei is one of 150 million Chinese "Mingong" -modern slaves or workers - who leave their village in search of work in Beijing, one of the richest regions in China. Jia Ze Wei comes to Beijing's Liu Li bridge area every morning in a bid to make some money to support his family back in the village.

Student loans, unemployment challenge young graduates

Struggling to find a job or even an internship in the current financial crisis, young graduates are worried about coping with meagre savings and paying back their student loans. Read more...

Protests hijacked by "drug users and hooligans"

Who were the people seen around the world storming the Moldovan president's office, throwing computers out of the window, and guzzling champagne? Not us, says Oleg Brega, a member of the one of the groups that organised the original protests against the communist regime. Read more...


Quake rocks central Italy: "It's panic non-stop"

A devastating earthquake, measuring 6.2 on the Richter scale, rattled central Italy in the early hours of Monday morning. The quake’s epicentre was located under the city of L’Aquila, in the picturesque Abruzzi region, some 100km northeast of Rome. Emergency services say at least 100 people perished under the crumbling city centre, though many more are feared dead as rescuers scramble to clear the rubble. Read the account of our Observer on the spot and view his photos.


Welcome to the anti-NATO village, gearing for battle

While the streets of Strasbourg are deserted, cordoned off by police forces, a village just outside the city is packed and buzzing with energy. The anti-NATO camp has set up shop in a nearby village and strictly prohibited journalists from getting a look-in. Our Observer, however, is in the camp, and here are her photos...


Is China racist?

This image was posted on various Chinese online forums. So is it racist against Africans? Two of our Chinese Observers explain why they don't think it is. See the poster in full and read more...

'Word Raiders' hunt down plagiarisers on the Arabic Net

Copyright violations are something of an art form in the Arab world. In response to this multitude of plagiarisms, a Web user has taken it upon himself to launch a crusade against the intellectual property thieves, outing dozens of writers, journalists, painters and cartoonists who lift ideas directly from media across the world. Read more...


French far-right claims legacy of socialist icon Jaurès

A candidate for the French far-right National Front party running in the June European parliamentary elections has caused outrage in France by using a portrait of socialist icon Jean Jaurès in his campaign poster. Read more...


Met police tell Britons: look in rubbish bins for terrorism

In March 2008 British police shocked Londoners by asking them to report "odd-looking" photographers and houses with "unusual activity". Despite massive criticism for infringing on civil liberties last time, the Metropolitan Police is now going further, asking residents to rummage through wheelie bins and report anyone who dares glance at a CCTV camera. Read more...


Singapore, an urban model for the French suburbs?

One of our Observers in Singapore wonders if the urban set-up there — which he says preserves an almost crime-free society — could also work in the French suburbs. Read more...