Photo of ‘American soldier fighting with IS group’ is fake

In this low-quality photo, a fighter for the Islamic State group (IS) bears a tattoo that says “United Sates Army”. The photo rapidly went viral; however, it isn’t real. This manipulated image is just one example of many online efforts to try to get people to believe that the United States is behind the rise of the IS group. Read more...


Hô Chi Minh City’s vanishing colonial architecture

According to our Observers in Hô Chi Minh City, one of the most beautiful villas built during the French colonial period is at risk of being demolished in order to make way for new construction projects. This villa is just one example among many of the disappearance of Vietnam’s colonial heritage. Read more...

Turkish police ‘flash political symbols’ as they storm Ankara campus

Turkish police brutally broke up protests on multiple university campuses on Thursday, including Ankara University, where officers were seen flashing a four-finger hand sign. According to students at the protest, this was unmistakably the four-finger salute regularly used by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his supporters. Read more...


Wealthy couple sets sail to rescue migrants

Regina Catrambone was on a yacht cruise in the Mediterranean when she saw a coat floating in the water. The eerie sight prompted the wealthy entrepreneur to do something to help the migrants who risk their lives every day while trying to reach the shores of Europe. Today, her boat, “The Phoenix”, criss-crosses the zones most at risk and comes to the aid of migrant boats in distress. It’s a project that may sound idealistic, but is proving to be effective. Read more...


Hong Kong becomes a canvas for protest art

The Hong Kong protests may have quietened down over the past few days, but protesters have left behind an array of street art. From homemade pro-democracy banners, to the widespread use of umbrellas as symbols of solidarity, protest art is everywhere.

Kobane Kurds stranded on landmine-ridden border

In Kobane, a Syrian city located near the border with Turkey, street battles are raging between jihadists from the Islamic State (IS) group and Kurdish fighters. A few hundred metres away, more than 2,000 Kurdish refugees have amassed at the border on terrain riddled with landmines. Read more...

Syrian, Iraqi migrants squat in Greek police station

Kos, an island located between Greece and Turkey, is a tourist destination famous for its picturesque villages, beaches and Venetian ruins. But if you take a look inside one of its police stations, you’ll find hundreds of migrants. Read more...

The ‘flying coffin’: a lynching tool in Ivory Coast

A coffin carried by local residents became a macabre tool used to lynch two people in Cosrou, a village in the southern Ivory Coast, during a so-called “flying coffin” ceremony. Believers say that this rite allows the deceased to identify those responsible for his death. But in reality, these ceremonies are often ways to settle scores between local residents. Read more...