Haredim, the ultra Ultra-Orthodox Jews fighting the state

Extremist Ultra-Orthodox Jews have been rioting for three days after social services took a woman's child away from her for alleged starvation. Read more...


Northern Ireland – a return to violence?

Violent clashes between police and rioters continued for a third night in the Catholic district of Ardoyne last night, sparked by the Belfast's yearly Orange Parades - a celebration of Protestant rule in the region. Read more...


Junior judo team killed in Iran crash

A Caspian Airlines plane crashed in north-west Iran this morning, killing all 168 people on board. Among them were the eight members of the country's national junior judo team.


Obama endorsing Chinese apartments?

The faces of Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and Barack Obama have appeared in advertisements for upmarket apartments in the central Chinese city of Xi'an. Read more...


Turning junk food into first-class dishes, no added extras

It looks like handcrafted tortellini made from fresh pasta and the finest ingredients. But the meal you see above has been assembled entirely from a Taco Bell Burrito Supreme. Want to know how to serve junk food as top-notch nosh? Read more...


Facebook: the new Big Brother?

One of our readers has sent us a warning to Facebook users — a site which he says has far too much information about our private lives. Read more...


Brock Lesnar, sportsman or barbarian?

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), one of America's most brutal sports, has just got fiercer. Even as heavyweight champion Brock Lesner pushes the sport into dangerously violent territory, it is becoming increasingly popular across Europe, where martial arts specialists deem it closer to a gladiators' show than a sport. Read more...

Honduran newspaper photoshops blood from crackdown victim

These photos seem to prove that a pro-coup newspaper digitally removed bloodstains from the image of a protestor shot dead by soldiers. Read more...


French woman arrested in Tehran: “A pathetic diplomatic game”

Clotilde Reiss, a young French woman who taught French at the University of Isfahan, was stopped by the police in Tehran on July 1. A close friend of hers responds to accusations calling Reiss a spy. Marina El Khoury graduated from the Institut d’Etudes Politique in Lille the same year as Clotilde Reiss. The 23-year-old Lebanese woman has set up a Facebook group asking for her friend’s release. Read more...


Harley Davidson trying to cause offence?

One of our Observers in Japan, Lee Chapman, photographed this motorbike, complete with Swastika-shaped spokes, outside a Harley Davidson shop in Tokyo. Depending on how you look at it, it could represent the ancient Buddhist symbol for universal harmony, the infamous emblem of Nazi Germany, or, as Lee tells us, simply being "cool". Read more...