Nepali Internet users mock politicians with 'smash chair challenge'

Instead of engaging in thoughtful debate, Nepal’s members of parliament elected to settle their differences by throwing chairs at each other last week. Photos of the heated parliamentary scuffle were quickly posted to the Internet as social media users ridiculed lawmakers with the hashtag #SmashChairChallenge. Read more...

Kobane 'still too dangerous for refugees to return'

Kurdish forces announced on Monday that Islamic State militants had been chased from the Syrian city of Kobane. Combatant Mustefa Ebdi told the AFP that “all of Kobane was liberated” and that “the fighting has ceased.” While some celebrated, others remained cautious. The Islamic State group is still a threat, Kobane lies in ruins and refugees are still waiting to return. Read more...

Ukraine rebels launch grisly propaganda war

Separatists in eastern Ukraine have begun taking their propaganda war into unchartered territory. Gruesome new footage has emerged of prisoners of war kneeling before a rebel commander who forces them to eat their army badges. Other scenes from this grisly reel are too graphic to show. Read why it marks a turning point...

As army fights Boko Haram, Maiduguri turns to ghost town

When Boko Haram launched a deadly attack on Maiduguri on Sunday, the usually bustling city of almost two million went eerily quiet… except for the sounds of artillery throughout the morning. Our Observers describe scenes from a city under attack. Read more…

Foreign shopkeepers targeted in Soweto looting spree

Dozens of shops owned by foreigners were attacked and looted last week in Soweto, a neighbourhood in southwest Johannesburg. The violence broke out after a youngster was killed by a Somali shopkeeper during an attempted robbery. Read more...

The doctors working on Ukraine’s frontline without pay, supplies

Even the hospitals aren't safe in eastern Ukraine. On Monday, a shell smashed into a hospital in Donetsk, the latest salvo in a conflict that has gutted healthcare in rebel-held territory, where doctors work under constant threat of bombardment – and don’t even get paid. Read eyewitness testimony from on the ground.

Cairo’s rubbish collectors under threat

The Egyptian authorities are planning to set up a new initiative to get poor residents of the capital to sort their own rubbish in exchange for credit used to buy food. But this programme could have disastrous consequences for Cairo’s rubbish collectors, the "zabalines ", an informal network who have kept the streets of the capital clean for the past 50 years. Read more...

In pictures: DR Congo wracked by anti-govt protests

Thursday was a particularly tense day in the city of Goma, in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Thousands of protesters angry with president Laurent-Désiré Kabila clashedwith security forces. See images…

Kenyan children tear-gassed while trying to reclaim playground

Police in the Kenyan capital Nairobi fired tear gas at a crowd of primary school students on Monday as they tried to take back their playground, which was claimed by a private developer last month. Several children had to be taken to a nearby clinic for treatment. Read more…