Black Africans in Tangiers targeted by racist raids and machete attacks

A spate of violent stabbings took place this week in the Boukhalef neighbourhood of Tangiers, a residential area primarily populated by undocumented black Africans waiting to immigrate to Europe. Several residents, shaken up by the attacks, shared their experience with FRANCE 24. Read more...

'How I survived Ebola'

Senga Omeonga is doing better. Much better. Three weeks ago, FRANCE 24 interviewed this Congolese doctor who contracted the Ebola virus while working in Monrovia, Liberia. At the time, he was wasting away in the hallway of a hospital, without any treatment or even food. Today, while he still feels weak, he no longer has the virus. He told us about his journey to hell and back. Read more…

Discover the latest in African fashion, straight from our Observers

Our Observers from all over Africa have sent us photos of the latest hip, swag, or otherwise fashionable trends from their countries. We’ve selected some of the latest styles to share with our readers. See photos...


Acid spill in Mexican rivers ruining farmers' livelihoods

Three weeks after a massive acid spill turned Mexico’s Sonora and Bacanuchi rivers bright orange, tens of thousands of people who live alongside them are suffering from dire water shortages. A cattle rancher tells us this is destroying locals’ livelihoods. Read more…

From Africa to Asia, the scaly anteater is being hunted to extinction

The pangolin is the only truly scaled mammal in the world and is, fittingly, nicknamed the scaly anteater. In Gabon, where its meat is particularly popular, and, in Vietnam, where its scales are thought to have healing powers, our Observers have been raising the alarm about a sharp increase in the poaching of this animal on the brink of extinction. Read more..


Bangladeshi villagers up to their knees in climate change

Each year, more and more land is flooded around the coastal village of Chittatong in southern Bangladesh. The water is rising around this low-lying nation,which is one of the places most affected by climate change. Our Observer used photos to show the disastrous effects global warming has on the daily life of local people. Read more...


Behind the scenes of Benin’s online 'healing' scams

“I am a marabout healer with 30 years of experience, and I can make any woman fall madly in love with you and even multiply the number of bills in your wallet.” You might have seen this type of claim in your inbox or your Facebook messages. We decided to delve deeper into these absurd— and sometimes inadvertently hilarious—claims. Read more...

Pygmies in 'mortal danger' in southern DR Congo

Pygmy people have been targeted in repeated attacks by armed Mai Mai groups made up by members of the Baluba tribe in Katanga province, in the south of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Our Observer met some Pygmies who fled their traditional forest homes to escape the ongoing violence. He says that they are facing “extermination.” Read more...