Amateur video of a citizen arrest

This video catches the moment after a man who attempted to rob somebody with a razor is caught by several members of the public and restrained until the police arrive. Webusers are applauding the gang for their bravery, but our Observer says that by carrying out a citizen arrest, they were taking a huge risk, in more ways than one. Read more...


One dead and 44 injured - who's to blame?

Posted on 2 Sept. 08.

A state of emergency was declared in Bangkok today after eight days of anti-ruling party protests erupted into violence last night leaving one person dead and over forty injured. Our Observer taking part in the protests says that it's the government that is to blame for the chaos. See photos and read her account.


"I was in Gori when the Russians attacked"

Leli Blagonravova, a Georgian photojournalist, was in Gori on August 8-9 when the Russians attacked. She sent us her personal account. Read more and see the pictures...


Neo-Nazis flaunt videos of violent attacks online

Preying on foreigners and gays and then posting the gruesome evidence online has become all the rage for skinheads in Russia. The growing trend was brought to public attention at the end of July, when a case opened against a gang charged with the daylight murder of 20 people. Read more and see the videos...

The knife that explodes its victim’s organs

The WASP knife is more lethal than any other. Created for hunting dangerous animals, it kills on impact by injecting a frozen ball of compressed gas into the body of the prey, exploding the organs of the animal. Available to buy online, the British police is worried about the implications the weapon could have if it falls into the wrong hands. Read more, and see the knife in action...


A damning video for the Israeli Army

A scene of shocking brutality on the part of the Israeli Army emerged yesterday, in a video filmed by a Palestinian teenager. The amateur footage shows an Israeli soldier firing a rubber bullet at a Palestinian protestor barely a metre away. According to the NGO who got hold of the video, Israeli authorities then tried to cover up the blunder. Read more and see the video...

Israeli settler attacks posted on the web

Israeli police announced the arrest of two of the settlers suspected of taking part in this attack on Palestinians, captured on video, today. It's not the first time that a video posted on YouTube has helped Palestinians to get attention from the media and officials about this type of incident. Read more and see the video.


The rantings of an angry white farmer

While Mugabe's thugs continue to terrorise Zimbabwe, the abduction and brutal beating of a white farmer has reignited another of the country's long standing polemics - what to do with the country's wealthy white settlers. A friend of the victim explains why white farmers are refusing to leave Zimbabwe. Read more.


Vote for Mugabe, or don’t vote at all

Zimbabweans are voting today in what's being labelled a "one-man election". Despite opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai pulling out of the competition on Sunday, President Robert Mugabe pushed ahead with the run-off between the two men. The opposition has accused Mugabe's ZANU-PF party of using violence to scare people into voting for Mugabe. One of our Observers went to the polls; another dared to stay at home. Here are their accounts of the day's events, told anonymously. Read more...

Stop dreaming, Mugabe's here to stay

Hopes for a fair election are over in Zimbabwe after opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai pulled out of Friday's planned run-off on Sunday. But while expectations have been quashed, repressive government violence and spiralling food prices seem to be unstoppable. Read more...