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Texas wildfires: 'The wall of flames came right up to the city limits'

Texas firefighters battled several massive blazes across the state on Wednesday, March 21, for the seventh consecutive day. Over one million acres of land have burned in the draught-ridden state, forcing hundreds to evacuate their homes. Read more…

Killer US tornados caught on camera

A record-breaking streak of tornados swept through several southern US states between April 14 -16, leaving a trail of death and devastation behind. 45 people were killed, including 23 in North Carolina alone.  Amateur videos document the strength of the storm and the extent of the damage.. Watch the videos…


New York ‘bomb shelter’ aims to raise awareness of rocket attacks on Israel

Pedestrians strolling through New York’s Washington Square Park on Monday, March 28, encountered a startling sight: a crowd of people rushing for cover in a bomb shelter after hearing the loud wail of a warning siren. Terrorist attack? Not exactly. Read more…

Fasting from fashion: blogger wears single dress for one year

The average Western woman reportedly has 22 unworn items in her wardrobe, yet chances are at least once in her life she has uttered the universal complaint: “I have nothing to wear!” To free herself from this tiresome dilemma, American Kirsty Powell took a drastic step: she decided to wear the same black dress for a whole year. Read more...

Video of US wild horse capture branded animal cruelty by activists

Wild mustangs – majestic herds of undomesticated horses that roam free across ten US states – are a symbol of the American Wild West. But animal rights activists say that government-planned roundups to control the herd’s population are nothing short of animal cruelty – and claim they have videos to prove it. Read more and watch the videos…

Censored US anti-war mural shows some art subjects are still taboo

Artists and free speech advocates are up in arms in the United States since the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary art (MOCA) commissioned a mural by Italian street artist Blu – then deleted it before it was showed to the public. Read more…

Police walk in on robbery in progress

A police officer casually walked into a Walgreens supermarket in Dayton, Ohio on December 16, just as a masked robber was attempting to make away with the cash register. The dramatic struggle that followed was caught on security camera. Watch the video…

Four Loko, or "Blackout in a Can", faces a ban in the United States


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Cranberry Lemonade Four Loko

Four Loko may seem like any other energy drink but after reading the government mandated warning labels you notice that it has one ingredient that makes it different from all the others on the U.S. market, alcohol. One 23.5 ounce can has as much alcohol as six beers and as much caffeine as both a full energy drink and a full cup of coffee, not counting the other stimulating chemicals such as guarana.