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The “99 percent” take on Bank of America at shareholders meeting

The Occupy movement may be less visible than it was last fall, but the activists that comprise the loose network are working hard to re-energize their troops now that protest-friendly weather is back – notably with a series of demonstrations targeting big banks’ shareholders meetings. On Wednesday, they descended on the headquarters of the United States’ second-largest bank, Bank of America, which was holding its annual meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina. Read more…

Racist slurs, protests highlight racial tensions over Trayvon Martin death

While driving on a Michigan motorway in the Detroit area late one evening, our Observer rolled past a work site where a single sign stood near the shoulder of the road with the words “Trayvon A N*****” lit up in bright yellow block letters. Shocked, she stopped her car and snapped a photo of the slur. Read more…

Eyewitness videos of devastating tornadoes in Texas

Tornadoes swept over multiple towns near Dallas, Texas, on Tuesday destroying dozens of houses and injuring at least 12 people. Locals filmed these terrifying forces of nature, as well as their aftermath, on their mobile phone cameras. Watch videos...


Mobile phone videos show airplane passengers tackling pilot who 'had breakdown'

Amateur videos filmed Thursday inside a JetBlue flight from New York City to Las Vegas show the plane’s captain being pinned to the ground after he started acting erratically. Read more...

‘Taser happy’ police use stun gun to subdue Occupy DC protester

A video of police using a Taser stun gun against an Occupy protester at Washington DC’s McPherson Square has garnered widespread attention as the movement fights to maintain its 24-hour presence at the site despite a ban on overnight camping. Read more…