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Vietnam adoptions banned for Americans

Claims that babies were being unlawfully removed from their natural mothers and sold to agencies in Vietnam have caused a ban on all Vietnamese adoptions to the US from July. A child aid worker in the country gives us his account of events. Read more…

Who are these power-snatching "super" delegates?

Photos: Cheryl Biren-Wright and "serlingrod"

With neither Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton reaching the minimum amount of delegates to be elected presidential nominee of the Democratic party, the final decision will be left to around 800 party members known as "superdelegates". Does that mean months of campaigning, vote counting and bickering were wasted on less than one percent of the Democratic electorate? A superdelegate answers. Read more...


Hailing Hitler on Capitol Hill

A group of around thirty neo-Nazis marched through Washington on Saturday to protest against illegal immigration. One man who took part in the rally tells us why he's proud to hail Hitler, while a free speech activist explains why he has the right to say something that, in a European country, could have him put behind bars. Read more...

Obama - Clinton debate: "Boy did they skirt the rifle issue!"

© ABC News

Democrat candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton faced each other for the last time before next Tuesday's Pennsylvania primary in a televised debate last night. Our Observers in the state react to the candidates' ideas on weapons, the economy, and Obama's apparent elitism. Read more...

China's new chart-topper: "Don’t be too like CNN"

We've published several posts about the onslaught of online criticism aimed at the Western media, in particular CNN, over its coverage of violence in Tibet. Here's the latest example of CNN bashing : a song originally broadcast on the state TV channel CCTV, is now running rife on the Internet. See the video.


"Polygamous relationships tend to be very successful"

Image taken from Mormon Polygamy: A History

Following a call from a 16-year-old girl claiming she was sexually abused and assaulted by her 50-year-old husband, a fundamentalist Mormon compound where men have several wives has been raided and 419 children taken into temporary custody by Texan authorities. Carlene Cannon, who lives in the same type of community, explains why the incident "totally disregarded civil rights" and defends polygamy. Read more...

Obama wants to talk to Iran, but is the feeling mutual?

In a speech on Tuesday Barack Obama declared that he is in favour of talking to Iran - something that would constitute a huge shift in the policy of the American diplomacy. Abolhassan Banisadr, the first ever elected Iranian president, today exiled in France, reacts to the announcement. Read more…

Google shares fall: is the fairy tale over?

Trend in Google's share price from 2 April 08

Google's stock price has fallen 38% from its peak last year. And, for the first time ever, the number of clicks on the California-based company's cash cow, Google Ads, have stopped climbing in the US. For some financial analysts, alarm bells are ringing. Read more...

Torture is "self-defense" according to the Pentagon


In 2003 the U.S. Justice Department sent a memo to the Pentagon in which it conceived torture as a "self-defense" for the purpose of interrogating an "enemy combatant". An Iraqi deputy and a French colonel specialised in the Algerian War react to the document, declassified yesterday and published here in full. Read more...

"Clinton has lost. It's over"

For our Observer Joe Sudbay, Clinton has lost. This weekend, the candidate's already flailing popularity took another hit when her account of a life-endangering trip to Bosnia was refuted. Footage from the trip shows school children greeting her plane and a sing-along with Sheryl Crow. Read more...

UPDATE (27.03.08 - 17h Paris time): See the parody of the "Clinton in Bosnia" video at the bottom of the page.

Clinton arrives in Bosnia "under sniper fire". © CBS News