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On the ground, legless and armless, Hillary refuses to lay down her sword

Hillary Clinton is trailing in the number of pledged delegates. Everyone, or nearly everyone, considers her beaten for the nomination. But the senator from New York refuses to lay down her sword. This thirst for battle, whatever the cost, has inspired one of our observers in the U.S., who compared Hillary Clinton's attitude to that of the famous “black knight” from Monty Python. Read the following and watch the video.

American beef causes Alzheimer’s, say South Korean Web users

A frenzy of South Korean Internet users has convinced the nation through web postings and text messages that Americans were sending beef infected with mad cow — so dangerous that the Americans refused to eat it — to the country, mobilising thousands to protest. A blogger in the country explains why. Read more...


Obama the superstar

Seventy-five-thousand people came to see Barack Obama give a speech in Oregon on Sunday - a crowd size expected to turn up to a concert rather than a campaign rally. In a country known to be apathetic when it comes to political gatherings, how does Obama mobilise so many? Read more...


War in Iraq: "Mission Russian roulette"

This video was filmed from the inside of an American tank that finds itself in the middle of a rocket attack in Adhamiyah, Baghdad. Disturbingly, the reaction of the marines in the vehicle seems to be one of despair and disorder. An American soldier who served in Iraq tells us that this is just a glimpse into an increasingly chaotic situation. Read more and see the video...


Price hikes leaving people hungry from Jakarta to Memphis

The world's worsening food crisis has finally made the headlines and grim forecasts for the endemic problem are causing widespread panic. We asked our Observers in Cameroon, Indonesia, Haiti and the USA to tell us how they're affected by the crunch. Read more...


McCain, Obama, and their equally offensive pastors

While Barack Obama was in danger of being pushed out of the democratic race for the support of "anti-America" pastor Jeremiah Wright, John McCain seems to have escaped scrutiny from the endorsement of a pastor who calls the Catholic Church the "great whore" and the New Orleans catastrophe as god’s punishment for homosexuals. Read more...

Grand Theft Auto: blood sex and drugs for the under-18s

GTA IV Trailer © Rockstar Games

A computer game that contains blood, violence, sex, drugs and alcohol has sold more copies in its first day than any other in history. But not everybody is a fan of Grand Theft Auto IV. Available for children of any age in the US, critics warn that the game could lead to youth violence. Its fans, however, don't agree. Read more...

Vietnam adoptions banned for Americans

Claims that babies were being unlawfully removed from their natural mothers and sold to agencies in Vietnam have caused a ban on all Vietnamese adoptions to the US from July. A child aid worker in the country gives us his account of events. Read more…

Who are these power-snatching "super" delegates?

Photos: Cheryl Biren-Wright and "serlingrod"

With neither Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton reaching the minimum amount of delegates to be elected presidential nominee of the Democratic party, the final decision will be left to around 800 party members known as "superdelegates". Does that mean months of campaigning, vote counting and bickering were wasted on less than one percent of the Democratic electorate? A superdelegate answers. Read more...


Hailing Hitler on Capitol Hill

A group of around thirty neo-Nazis marched through Washington on Saturday to protest against illegal immigration. One man who took part in the rally tells us why he's proud to hail Hitler, while a free speech activist explains why he has the right to say something that, in a European country, could have him put behind bars. Read more...