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Hillary for vice-president? - "Obama, please don’t make the mistake"

Photo: ishrona on Flickr

Hillary Clinton was finally dragged - kicking and screaming - out of the race to the White House on Tuesday. But she can still harbour hopes of reaching her target - if she's willing to accept second place. Our Observers tell us what could happen if presidential candidate Barack Obama picks the former First Lady as his number two. Read more...

Pervy alien "captured" on video

The only released screenshot of the footage showing a bald egg-head at the window.

The possible sighting of an extraterrestrial creature peering into a Denver resident's window has sparked excitement in the US where the three minute "unfakeable" footage of the blinking baldie is supposedly being examined by "unnamed experts". Our own expert is not entirely in accord, however. Read more...


Traumatised veterans sent back to Iraq

A virtual world resembling Iraq has been created for US army veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). But is revisiting the sights and sounds of the scenes that caused the trauma a good idea? A PTSD sufferer tells us what he thinks. Read more and see the game in action.

Mad cow scare: protests turn violent

Two weeks ago we published a post about the Internet-driven campaign in South Korea to boycott American beef imports because of fears of mad cow disease. Protests have since escalated in Seoul, where 60,000 demonstrators clashed with police at the weekend. Read more...

No Sex And the Suburbs

We Need Girlfriends is a series that you won't see on TV yet - so far it's been broadcast exclusively on the Internet. It tells the story of three recent graduates struggling to understand the complex world of the New York City dating scene, after all three are simultaneously dumped by their long-time college girlfriends. Read more...


"I’ve got news for all of you – McCain will be the next US president"

The furious outburst of this Clinton-crazy campaigner will go down as the best bit of the closing stages of the Democratic trail. Harriet Christian is fed up with being overlooked because, as "an older American woman", she's like "a second class citizen". When the final vote comes round, she'll be voting for McCain. Read more...


Media mogul Murdoch praises Obama

The world’s most powerful media mogul and owner of Fox News and the Wall Street Journal, the hard-line conservative Rupert Murdoch last night admitted he had told one of his publications to back Democratic candidate Barack Obama. Could this be the start of a home run for Obama? A political communication analyst tells us why he should be wary. Read more…


Immigrants walled out of the US

The Department of Homeland Security has put up 320 miles of fencing along the US-Mexico border over the past two years, and is planning to double the figure before the year's end. Our Observers from each side of the fence tell us why the divides are stirring up trouble. Read more...

Grace, 27, stripper

Grace is 27. She's a stripper in a Texas club. Two years ago, she started a blog about her day-to-day life, telling tales far from the glamorous clichés of porno-chic bars. And she discovered a talent. Her writing is polished and to the point. Sometimes sad, but not always. She tells her story to the Observers. Read more...


On the ground, legless and armless, Hillary refuses to lay down her sword

Hillary Clinton is trailing in the number of pledged delegates. Everyone, or nearly everyone, considers her beaten for the nomination. But the senator from New York refuses to lay down her sword. This thirst for battle, whatever the cost, has inspired one of our observers in the U.S., who compared Hillary Clinton's attitude to that of the famous “black knight” from Monty Python. Read the following and watch the video.