United States

Mitt Romney for McCain VP?

When they were in competition with each other, Mitt Romney and John McCain fought bare-knuckled for the presidential nomination. But now that McCain has secured the place and is on the lookout for a running-mate, speculation that Romney will be chosen is mounting. So what would the conservative Mormon bring to the table as the country's vice president? Read more...

Obama a Muslim and Michelle a militant?

Despite huge criticism for satirically depicting Barack Obama and his wife in a radically unpatriotic light, The New Yorker magazine refuses to apologise, saying that "satire is part of what we do". Obama's campaign team doesn't find it so funny though. Read more...


Reverend Jackson wants to "cut Obama’s n*ts off"

Civil rights activist and friend of the late Martin Luther King, Jr., Jesse Jackson made a blunder on Sunday when he said something he shouldn't have... on Fox News. He didn't realise the cameras were rolling when he leant over to his neighbour to tell him, regarding Obama, "I wanna cut his nuts off". Read more and see the video.


Kill off Iranians with cigarettes, says McCain

John McCain came up with a novel way to combat America's longstanding Iranian foe yesterday. Read more and see the video.


He didn’t bother with Athens, but Bush will go to the games in Beijing

During a visit to Japan on Sunday, George Bush announced that he plans to attend the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Beijing, deeming a boycott of the event "an affront to the Chinese people". One of our Observers for the US reminds us that in contrast, Bush didn't bother going to the 2004 Athens Olympics. Read more...


Fox News doctors photos of critical journalists

Fox News aired doctored photos of two New York Times journalists who criticised the channel. After commenting that the right wing news source was losing viewers, the paper's reporter Jacques Steinberg and editor Steven Reddicliffe appeared on the channel with distorted features. See the video.


Attacked for singing the "black national anthem"

A relatively unknown jazz singer has caused outrage in the U.S. after unexpectedly singing the "Black National Anthem" in place of the Star-Spangled Banner at a council event in Denver. Read more and see the video.

A damning video for a Brooklyn hospital

This CCTV video, taken in the psychiatric ward of a Brooklyn hospital on 19 June, has caused outrage in the US. The footage shows a woman collapsed on the floor while staff choose to ignore her. When help is finally called after an hour, the woman is already dead. Read more.


"I find gay marriage bizarre"

On 16 June California became the second American state to give the green light to gay marriage. We asked our Observers, from China to Ghana, if there's a chance of seeing the same thing happen in their own countries. Read more...

Will Latinos vote for Obama?

Traditionally great fans of Hillary Clinton, Latino-Americans will now have to make the difficult decision between anti-immigration candidate John McCain and black candidate Barack Obama. Despite a long-running rivalry with the black community, they will not be swayed towards John McCain, say our Observers. Read more...