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Cartoon explains everything you ever wanted to know about Iran

Ever had any questions about Iran? Now, you can ask her. Yes, her. Iran is represented as a smart, sassy cartoon lady on the blog “Ask Iran”, where she answers readers’ questions on everything from “Do all Iranians have dark hair?” to “Can you tell us more about Afro-Iranians?” Read more...


Brooklynites in mock funeral over 'death' of local healthcare

Residents in Brooklyn, New York are fighting to save a local hospital threatened with closure – by mourning its death. On Wednesday, hundreds of protesters streamed over the Brooklyn Bridge in a mock funeral procession to draw attention to the plight of Long Island College Hospital. Some carried fake tombstones dabbed with bloody slogans: one read ‘Condos rise, Brooklyn dies,’ in reference to concerns that valuable hospital land could be flogged to developers. The hospital's location is considered prime real-estate. Read more...

Artist takes her ‘plastic family’ on Paris vacation

Suzanne Heintz has a model family. Literally. Her husband, Chauncey, and daughter, Mary-Margaret, are mannequins. For over a decade now, the American artist, who is actually single, has taken photos of herself posing with her picture-perfect “family” to poke fun of society’s expectations of what her life should look like. Recently, she took Chauncey and Mary-Margaret on a postcard-perfect trip to Paris. Read more…

An Observer shares striking photos of the massive California wildfire

One of our Observers in Southern California, photographer John Drake, sent us pictures of the gigantic wildfire that has been raging near his town of Idyllwild (in the mountains above Palm Springs) for the past few days. Read more...


Exploring Detroit's ruins

Some of them are history geeks; others adrenaline seekers. Urban explorers will hunt down disused factories, abandoned quarries or empty metro tunnels to satisfy their curiosity. Two of them share their photos of Detroit, which on Thursday became the largest US city to ever declare bankruptcy. Their discoveries are breathtaking. See the photos...