Tunisian college grads and police clash over unemployment

Unemployment is such a major problem for youth in the Tunisian city of Metlaoui that it led to clashes with police last week. In the mineral-rich region of Gafsa, the young and educated can no longer bear the disappointments of endemic unemployment. Read more...

Rug festival turns violent in crisis-stricken southern Algeria

Every year, the residents of Ghardaïa, in southern Algeria, hold a rug celebration to promote their local craftwork. This year, however, it’s become very controversial. On Tuesday, human rights activists and unemployed individuals picketed the celebration’s opening parade, judging it to be too expensive given the city’s dire economic situation. The police violently dispersed the protest. Read more...

Hunger strike to earn their keep

A group of unemployed young people have been on hunger strike since 3 August in Hassi R’mel in the Algerian Sahara. They’re protesting against favouritism in employment procedures in the gas-rich region. Read more


The Italian island of…unemployment

On a remote island near Sardinia, a group of unemployed Italians are camping in a disused prison. It's not a reality TV show; these former factory workers are sitting it out on the island in protest at losing their jobs. Read more...

The firm that laughed at redundancy victims

After consultants who defied trade unions in advising a Prague company to lay off staff then invited the same unions to their lavish Christmas party, both union leaders and those made redundant were left feeling bemused. Even more so, when they looked carefully at the invitation. Read more...


Algeria: “A real risk of a mass uprising”

So infuriated by "administrative burdens", protestors piled burning tyres onto a major motorway leading to the Algerian capital on Saturday. Read more...


"I found a job thanks to the buzz I created online"

Some job-hunters will to anything for their CV to stand out, like try to hype it up on the Internet. Two Observers decided to put try their luck using social networks and video sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Daily motion to spread their video CVs far and wide. So did it work? Did employers return their calls and, ultimately, hire them? Read more...

Business going bust? Lend out your labour

Some employees who have had their hours slashed in an attempt to avoid layoffs have received a tempting new offer from their companies: the option of working for another firm while waiting for business to get better. Read more

Student loans, unemployment challenge young graduates

Struggling to find a job or even an internship in the current financial crisis, young graduates are worried about coping with meagre savings and paying back their student loans. Read more...

'French firms lack the flexibility required to lay off staff'

Jeb B., 50, has just been fired for the second time since his arrival in France, back in 1990. Yet, this Franco-American economist still thinks French companies should have more freedom to lay off staff. Read more...