Ukraine rebels launch grisly propaganda war

Separatists in eastern Ukraine have begun taking their propaganda war into unchartered territory. Gruesome new footage has emerged of prisoners of war kneeling before a rebel commander who forces them to eat their army badges. Other scenes from this grisly reel are too graphic to show. Read why it marks a turning point...

The doctors working on Ukraine’s frontline without pay, supplies

Even the hospitals aren't safe in eastern Ukraine. On Monday, a shell smashed into a hospital in Donetsk, the latest salvo in a conflict that has gutted healthcare in rebel-held territory, where doctors work under constant threat of bombardment – and don’t even get paid. Read eyewitness testimony from on the ground.

Ukrainians pitch in to buy thermal underwear for soldiers

Weakened by years of corruption, the Ukrainian army is struggling to wage its war in the east. The soldiers on the ground say that they are short of almost everything, including basic equipment like uniforms, sleeping bags and long underwear to help them survive the bitter coldly Ukrainian winters.  Some Ukrainians decided to come to their aid, spending their own money on buying equipment for the soldiers. Read more...

Ukraine police watch as pro-Russian politician thrown in dumpster

On Christmas Eve, a group of masked men picked up a municipal council member and tossed him into a dumpster in the city of Kharkov. Despite bearing witness to the surreal chain of events, the police failed to react, raising questions about the impunity afforded to certain ultra-nationalist groups in Ukraine. Read more...

The Ukrainian female suicide bomber who never was

This young woman’s photo has been making the rounds on Ukrainian social media sites since the end of November. The girl pictured is supposedly 16-year-old Valeria Liakhova, who became a symbol of bravery for the pro-Russians in eastern Ukraine after allegedly carrying out a suicide attack on a Ukrainian tank. But there’s a problem. In reality, the girl in the photo had nothing to do with any suicide attack. In fact, she is alive and well. Read more...

A young Spaniard fights ‘against fascism’ in Ukraine

Two young Spaniards recently arrived in Ukraine’s eastern Donbass region, which is currently the theatre of violent clashes between separatists and government forces. One of them, 27 years-old Rafael Munoz, spoke to FRANCE 24. He told us he wanted to fight against fascism, just like his forefathers did against Spain’s General Franco. Read more...

Children at the heart of Ukraine’s image propaganda war

A little girl lost as war rages in the Ukrainian city of Donbass - at least, that’s what some internet users would like you to believe. It’s actually a little Australian girl paddling in mud with her puppy in 2010. And it’s just one example of many attempts at manipulation currently making the rounds online. Read more...


Video: ultra-nationalist militants fighting alongside Ukraine’s army

The Ukrainian army made stunning gains over the weekend, overrunning pro-Russian insurgents in the eastern towns of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk after months of bitter fighting. But according to new video, members of Right Sector – an extremist group - are battling alongside regular army soldiers. Read more...

Eastern Ukraine shelling: 'I'm afraid to leave my basement'

Following Ukraine’s decision not to renew a ceasefire – which had already been broken on numerous occasions – hostilities with pro-Russian separatists in the country’s east intensified on Tuesday. Amateur photos taken in the town of Kramatorsk reportedly show a minibus damaged by the shelling, in which four civilians were killed and five wounded Tuesday morning, according to local authorities aligned with Kiev. A local resident tells FRANCE 24 how difficult life has become there. Read more...