Five decades on, the embargo continues


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El Capitolio Havana, the former seat of the Government in Cuba.

Led by the United States in 1962 the US-Cuba trade embargo has limited virtually all American companies from any trade connections with Cuba.
On Tuesday 13th September, President Obama once more renewed the US imposed sanctions on Cuba stating “I hereby determine that the continuation for 1 year of the exercise of those authorities with respect to Cuba is in the national interest of the United States.”


Abidjan after Gbagbo, a tale of two cities

After the arrest of incumbent Ivorian president Laurent Gbagbo on Monday, April 11, districts of Abidjan that were favourable to his rival Alassane Ouattara are breathing a collective sigh of relief – even as fear and chaos reign in neighbourhoods loyal to the fallen leader. Read more...

Food prices skyrocket as political stalemate drags on

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Stores left empty as panicked Tunis residents stock up on goods

The violent protests that have rocked Tunisia for the past four weeks reached the capital, Tunis, for the first time on December 11. The government responded by ordering a curfew in the city, prompting panicked residents to stock up in view of future goods shortages.

No electricity to charge your mobile phone? Just use your motorcycle!

Mali, like many African countries, has better mobile phone coverage than it does landline networks, and most people own a mobile phone. However, small villages have no electricity, leaving mobile phone owners to have to come up with ingenious makeshift ways to charge their phone batteries. Our Observer has an original solution. Read more…

Egyptian crooners sing Made in China

European markets are not the only ones flooded with “Made in China” goods. The label is so prevalent in the Arab world that Web users have composed songs especially for it! Watch the videos…

Ahmadinejad allies shut up shop over tax dispute

The Iranian government is facing strong opposition from enraged merchants, who entered their sixth day of strikes on Monday in protest against a hefty annual tax increase. Generally considered close allies of the Islamic regime, the stall owners' protests are viewed as a serious warning to President Ahmadinejad.  Read more...


Africa’s largest market under threat

Stallholders at the Roque Santeiro market in Luanda, Angola, are getting ready to pack up and leave for good. The local council has decided to move Africa’s largest market to a site north of the capital. Read more...


QuestNet pyramid scheme drops anchor in Africa

One of our Observers in Burkina Faso, Emmanuel, alerted us to the recent arrival of a company called QuestNet. Suspicious of its business model, Emmanuel researched the company. It turns out that QuestNet is actually a pyramid scheme and is already banned is several American and Asian countries. It is now trying to establish what it describes as a “life changing vehicle”, but what is considered by most a life destroying scam, in Africa. Read more...