"FreakingCat", reporting from the barricades journalists steer clear of

The current climate in central Bangkok has made it one of the most dangerous places for journalists to work after three reporters were shot on Friday. While increasingly fewer of them risk getting close to the violence, some "citizen journalists", like our Observer "FreakingCat", continue to report from the front line. Read more and the see the pictures...


A very bad image for the Red Shirts

This video, of a man holding up a baby at a Red Shirt barricade, had already been seen by tens of thousands of people on YouTube before it was removed. See the clip...


In the thick of the Bangkok clashes

Our Observer Florian Witulski was in the middle of Bangkok’s deadly clashes on Friday. Burning tyres, tear gas and explosions: his video, shot on Rama 4 road, gives a raw insight into the violence on the streets of the Thai capital. See the footage...


Did unknown snipers kill Bangkok protesters?

Twenty-one people were killed at an anti-government rally in Bangkok on Saturday, but the assailants remain unknown. Reports of snipers, not connected to the army, are circulating. One of our Observers who was there says he saw people shooting at the crowd from the rooftops. Read more and watch the footage...


Thaksin unintentionally suggests red shirts are paid to cause havoc

This video is supposed proof that the "red shirts" rioting in support for exiled former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra are being paid to cause havoc. Is it a misunderstanding, a fake, or a major boo boo on the part of the opposition leader? Our Observers have their own theories. Read more and see the slip-up...


The tale of Fanny, a tourist trapped in Thailand

Fanny Laude had planned to come back from a holiday in Thailand last Wednesday. She hadn't taken into account, however, that protestors would have taken over the airport in Bangkok. Read more...

Bangkok airport under siege

Almost 10,000 opposition protestors have set up camp in Bangkok airport, blocking all flights and confining thousands of tourists to the world's biggest squat. Read more and see the photos...

The real reasons behind the clash between Cambodia and Thailand

Cambodia and Thailand are verging on war. It's thought that the bordering countries are fighting over a lost temple in the deep forest. Our Observer in Phnom Penh tells us what's really at stake...


The return of the water buffalo

The world's scaling petrol prices and deepening financial woes have left no stone unturned. Even in the corners of Southeast Asia, where water buffaloes are grudgingly being brought back from retirement... Read more.


Thai tips for good demonstrating

Activists for the People's Alliance for Democracy, who have been camped out in an anti-government protest since August 26th, could give lessons on demonstrations to unionists around the world. Read more...