influenza A (H1N1)

The most significant event of 2009?

Will you remember Barack Obama's inauguration in January or is it Michael Jackson's sudden death that's more likely to stick in your head in years to come? On the dawn of a new year, we ask our Observers what they think was the most significant event of 2009. Read more...

Sanitizing gel: great for your hands, not so great for your stomach

Hand sanitizer sales have shot up since the outbreak of the swine flu pandemic, giving rise to an unexpected side trend: getting high on the alcohol-based substance. Read more and watch the videos…


Egypt's pig cull - all about the money?

Ten days on, Egypt’s decision to slaughter its entire pig population in an unlikely bid to keep influenza A H1N1 out of the country is still a matter of heated debate. First slammed as religiously-motivated – given that most breeders are Coptic Christians – the decision has since taken on an economic hue. One pig breeder tells us that behind the flu cover-up lies a lucrative deal. Read more…

The origin of influenza A (H1N1)?

Where did the A (H1N1) flu come from? Residents of the Mexican town where the first case was diagnosed say that a US-owned factory just a few miles down the road, which produces 950,000 pigs a year, is to blame. A blogger from the area went to the factory to look into the conditions. Here are his findings...


Egypt pig cull a religious affair

Egypt decided to slaughter the country's entire pig population on Wednesday in the hope of keeping the A (H1N1) virus out of the country. The measure has angered pig breeders, most of whom are Coptic Christians and see the issue as a religious affair. Read more...


Tales from Mexico City: "My mother has been in hospital for two weeks now"

A student from Mexico City, whose mother was taken to hospital after she was infected with the A (H1N1) flu, tells us how he's getting through the ordeal. Read his account...


Swine flu – are the masks really protecting people?

As the first cases of swine flu are confirmed in Europe and the first fatality in the US, everybody wants to know how best to protect themselves from the virus. Are the masks we see worn in Mexico City efficient? Not really, according to a specialist... Read more.

Mexico City under quarantine

"El Zocalo", Mexico City's main plaza, deserted on Sunday. Image © Enrique Torices.

The outbreak of swine flu in Mexico City has turned the world's second largest city into a ghost town. Universities, schools, bars and shops are closed; those who venture out do so with a protective mask. Our Observers there give us their accounts. Read more...


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