Video shows Swedish security guards 'assaulting' a child

Two private security guards are under police investigation after they were caught on camera violently detaining a 9-year-old boy in the train station in the Swedish city of Malmö on February 6. Sweden has been horrified by the footage while a human rights group said it was not the first time that Swedish private security guards have overstepped their boundaries. Read more...


Sweden riots over 'bleak prospects' for youth

For the past five nights, hundreds of young people have rioted in the suburbs of Stockholm, torching cars, clashing with police, and getting arrested in scores. Our Observer, who lives in Husby, the low-income suburb where the riots first broke out, thinks the root of the violence is the local youth’s sense of social exclusion. Read more...

Christmas for pyromaniacs: the war over Sweden's giant straw goat

It’s an odd tradition that adds a dose of suspense to the holiday season. Every year, a giant straw goat is erected in the town of Gävle, Sweden, and every year, arsonists try to burn it down. A local resident explains that this delights many townspeople. Read more…

Sweden’s Culture Minister under fire for cake-cutting “racist spectacle”

There’s an age old adage that goes something along the lines of ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, but make no mistake, there are also some that will leave you utterly speechless. Recent images showing Sweden’s Culture Minister Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth cutting a slice of cake out of the genitals of a racist characterisation of an African woman definitely falls into the latter category. Read more...


Swedish justice system attempts to topple The Pirate Bay

It's the biggest ever legal case against a file-sharing website. The three founders of The Pirate Bay, the world's biggest BitTorrent tracker, this week find themselves in front of a judge for making intellectual property available to the public. Fredrik Neij (alias TiAMO), Gottfrid Svartholm Warg (Anakata), and Peter Sunde (Brokep), made it possible for their 22 million users to locate and download music, films and videogames shared by the online community. Read more...


Lynn, 14, girl-next-door turned pin-up

In a time when retouched photos dominate the pages of even the most serious magazines and newspapers, a gadget launched by the Swedish government in 2007 is once more a hot topic online. A most enlightening "before and after". Read more...