Video: Mexico police throw rocks at students

Protesters throwing rocks at police is not uncommon in many parts of the world. But in Mexico, it’s the police that’s throwing rocks at protesters. A video has emerged showing local police hurling rocks at a bus transporting students from the Rural Normal School of Ayotzinapa, a teachers’ college which has long been a hotbed of protest. Read more...


Erasmus becoming an unaffordable dream for Spain's students

Austerity has hit Spanish students particularly hard. The Government’s decision to cut scholarships for participants in the European study abroad program – known as Erasmus – is yet another example. But on social networks, angry students are rising up in rebellion. Read more...

Chinese students get paid to pose as policemen

A massive forced demolition operation took place in Guiyang, in southern China, on October 12. As always in these cases, scores of policemen were deployed. But can you tell the real policemen from the university students in disguise?

Power blackouts force young Guineans to study in gas stations

How do you study for your exams if you don’t have any electricity at home? Every evening, students in the Guinean capital Conakry try to find a solution to this problem. Faced with power cuts that plunge the city into darkness after nightfall, the students take to the streets to study in the few public places where there are streetlamps that remain lit. Read more...

On the menu at Egypt’s most prestigious university: maggots and nails

Students at the Al-Azhar University in Cairo are furious. They have been protesting against the dismal hygienic conditions at their university after several hundred students fell ill due to food poisoning. Read more…

Philippine students are lying down to stand up for what they believe

An unusual form of protest is sweeping the Philippines. Demonstrators gather in a specific location, and lie face down on the floor with their arms by their sides. It’s a way to get political messages across, and it appears to be working – one congressman has already called for “planking” to be banned. Read more and see photos...