Argentinian town hit by crime wave during police strike

The city of Córdoba turned into a lawless Wild West town from days gone by for nearly 24 hours earlier this week, with residents taking up arms to defend themselves against rampaging looters. Police officers were nowhere to be seen, for one simple reason: they had gone on strike. Our Observers were appalled by the police’s inaction. Read more...

Syrian strikers vow, “We will not give in”

As anti-government demonstrations in Syria drag on for a ninth month, protesters in towns and cities across the country have adopted a new tactic to demonstrate their anger against President Bashar al-Assad’s regime – going on strike. Read more…

Rampant corruption stirs anger in India

The arrest of an anti-corruption activist has sparked angry protests throughout India, seemingly hitting a nerve with Indians tired of having to pay bribes. Our Observers tell us how corruption affects their everyday lives.

Greece questions "urban warfare" police tactics

After Greece’s government approved yet another austerity plan on June 29, protests in the capital Athens reached new heights of violence as police cracked down on demonstrators, forcing the city’s police chief to publicly apologise. According to our Observer in Athens, the police’s brutal tactics amounted to urban warfare. Watch the videos...

Photos and stories from French pension reform protests

Follow the strikes and protests against pension reform in France live, thanks to our Observers on the ground across the country. Read more...

Pension reform in France: students for and against the strikes speak out

 We have put together a team of Observers to cover the ongoing protests in France against a hotly debated pension reform bill. As the strikes go on, affecting transport, schools, postal services and petrol refineries, activists both in favour of and against the law have sent us their reports and photos. Read more...

Venezuela's first hunger strike victim: a 'symbol of the oppressed'?

A Venezuelan farmer who died after subjecting himself to several prolonged hunger strikes has become a symbol of resistance for opponents of President Hugo Chavez. The government, however, has accused the opposition and the media of using his death to attack the government ahead of a September 26 parliamentary election. Read more...

Hospitals blocked as South African unions resume massive strikes

After a brief World Cup reprieve, South African unions have resumed massive, ongoing strikes for higher wages. Schools closed, trials were postponed and hospitals left nearly empty on Thursday as 1 million civil servants across the country stopped working. Read more...

Hunger strike to earn their keep

A group of unemployed young people have been on hunger strike since 3 August in Hassi R’mel in the Algerian Sahara. They’re protesting against favouritism in employment procedures in the gas-rich region. Read more


Ahmadinejad allies shut up shop over tax dispute

The Iranian government is facing strong opposition from enraged merchants, who entered their sixth day of strikes on Monday in protest against a hefty annual tax increase. Generally considered close allies of the Islamic regime, the stall owners' protests are viewed as a serious warning to President Ahmadinejad.  Read more...