A young Spaniard fights ‘against fascism’ in Ukraine

Two young Spaniards recently arrived in Ukraine’s eastern Donbass region, which is currently the theatre of violent clashes between separatists and government forces. One of them, 27 years-old Rafael Munoz, spoke to FRANCE 24. He told us he wanted to fight against fascism, just like his forefathers did against Spain’s General Franco. Read more...

'I'm prepared to die to get to Europe': migrant life in Spain's Melilla

More and more African migrants are trying to cross into two Spanish enclaves on the coast of Morocco. For them, the enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla represent a golden opportunity to escape the poverty and persecution of their homelands, and reach Europe. Mike – from Ivory Coast – is one of them. He even managed to cross the border in December. Read his personal testimony...

Erasmus becoming an unaffordable dream for Spain's students

Austerity has hit Spanish students particularly hard. The Government’s decision to cut scholarships for participants in the European study abroad program – known as Erasmus – is yet another example. But on social networks, angry students are rising up in rebellion. Read more...

Spaniards pushed into ‘economic exile’ tell their stories

The economic crisis has forced many young Spaniards to emigrate to find work. Three of them – one in Morocco, one in the United Kingdom, a third who is planning on leaving Spain soon – tell us their stories. Read more...

Video casts doubt on Spanish coastguard's collision with migrants' boat

In the early hours of December 13, two boats collided off the coast of Lanzarote: one belonged to the Spanish Coast Guard, the other was carrying 25 illegal immigrants from Morocco. One of the immigrants was found drowned, seven others are missing and presumed dead. The authorities claimed a mechanical failure prevented the coast guards’ boat from moving out of the way of the immigrants’ boat. But a surveillance video filmed from a hotel on the coastline has called the official version of events into question. Read more…

Spanish newspaper publishes fake photo of Hugo Chavez in hospital

The article on the front page of Thursday’s edition of prestigious Spanish newspaper El Pais is titled “Chavez’s secret illness”. Accompanying it is a large photo of a man, lying down, with medical tubes in his mouth. This legend describes the man as Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez. Read more...

Andalusia farmers fight to turn military land into agricultural collective

For the past two weeks, hundreds of out of work farmers have occupied a plot of land owned by Spain’s military in the country’s southern Andalusia region. Their goal: to set up a communal agricultural project aimed at breathing fresh life into an area hard hit by Spain’s ailing economy. Read more...

Spanish mine strike turns ugly: “The government is leaving us no other choice”

Spain’s miners are more riled up than ever before, after more than two weeks of strikes protesting the end of government aid to the mining sector. One of the protesters, who works in a mine in Spain’s northern province of Asturias, told us about their struggle, which is sliding a little more into violence every day. Read more….