China’s tobacco sponsored schools

The World Health Organisations (WHO) estimates that a third of the world's smokers live in China. Cigarette brands are such an integral part of the establishment, that even infant schools carry their names. Read more...


Government officials say “Smoke more or face a fine”

Authorities in China's Gongan county in the central Hubei province have found a simple method of giving a boost to local cigarette producers — ordering all civil servants to meet "smoking targets" or face a fine. Read more...


France faces up to campaigns that disgust smokers

Smoking turns your teeth into stumps and makes you impotent: that's the message increasing numbers of smokers are facing when they reach for a fag, and the illustrations are getting increasingly gruesome. Last week, it was the French government's turn to adopt the measure of printing graphic images on cigarette packets. Not something that Parisian tobacconists quite understand... Read more and see the campaigns.