After shooting, some Sikhs warn of using ‘We’re not Muslim’ as defence

As members of the US Sikh community mourn the deaths of six people killed in a shooting at a temple in Wisconsin, the incident has recalled past crimes in post-9/11 America in which victims were targeted because they had been mistaken for Muslims. While some Sikhs have dwelled on this point, our Observer warns against focusing more on the crime’s target than on the the crime itself. Read more…

Syria crackdown: ‘After Gaddafi’s death, the regime went crazy’

Gunshots and explosions rattled the restive city of Homs in central Syria on Monday as a government crackdown on anti-government demonstrations intensified for a fourth day. According to our Observers on the ground, the surge in violence was fuelled by the killing of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, whose demise last week sparked fears within Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime that the same could happen at home. Read more...

Relentless gun shots heard outside Las Vegas courthouse

A gunman walked into a Las Vegas courthouse on Monday morning and began shooting indiscriminately. He managed to fire around 40 shots before being shot dead by police. Click here to see the video.


Germany school shooting: thanks to Twitter, France 24 gets live account after 52 mins

The shooting broke out at 9:30 this morning in a school in Winnenden, a small town north of Stuttgart. The incident reached newsrooms at 10:30am. Just under an hour later, a resident from the town was giving her account live on FRANCE 24. So how did we find her? Thanks to Twitter. Read more...