Teachers share photos of 'disgusting' Los Angeles schools on Facebook

While officials roll out one billion dollars worth of iPads to Los Angeles students, teachers are flagging up a more pressing issue: the appalling state of city schools. From dead rats to broken toilet fixtures, they’re using the Facebook page ‘Repairs not iPads’ to post their photographic proof. Read more...

Boy's death in S. African pit toilet highlights appalling school sanitation

A young boy has died in a South African school after falling into an open pit toilet and drowning. Unlike modern toilets, a pit latrine consists of a large pit dug below the toilet which collects human waste. In a country that paid billions to host the football World Cup four years ago, children are still going to schools that lack even basic toilets. Read more…

Al Qaeda lures Syrian children into its new schools

Despite the war, some schools in rebel-held areas of Syria have managed to open their doors for the new academic year. Some of these schools are run by jihadist groups like the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, an organisation allied with Al Qaeda. Read more...

China donates bus fleet to Macedonia, sparking anger at home

The commute to and from school can be a harrowing experience in many parts of China. As rush hour begins, children are piled into makeshift buses with complete disregard for safety regulations. Road fatalities are not uncommon. So it comes as no surprise that Beijing’s decision to donate a number of brand new buses to the small eastern European country of Macedonia raised hackles in China. Read more...

Chinese high schools crack down on 'unauthorised' haircuts

In China, rules concerning the haircuts allowed in schools and high schools are very strict. Anything vaguely funky, such as bangs or (gasp!) a perm, is verboten. One Chinese school chose to get the message across with a humorous (and a tad cruel), illustrated billboard. Read more...


Teacher assaults pupil while classmates cheer and laugh

A science teacher has been sacked after an amateur video of her beating up a 13-year-old boy was posted on YouTube.


Should teachers be sacked for class lap dance?

Two Canadian teachers who performed a lap dance in front of pupils in Winnipeg have been suspended after a camera phone video of the act was posted on YouTube. Read more and see the clip...


Gang wars hit French schools

A new twist in gang violence at a school in Parisian suburbs. A secondary school headmaster at Garges-lès-Gonesse was molested by a dozen youths who had burst into his school to beat up a pupil. Our Observers in the school say the violence stems from ordinary rivalry between different council estates. Read more ...