Video guide: how to avoid election fraud in Russia

Allegations of electoral fraud are widespread in Russia, where Vladimir Putin’s party, United Russia, repeatedly wins elections by a suspiciously large margin. But footage shot by an electoral observer at recent local elections show how he and others are doing their utmost to combat electoral fraud. Read more...


Will Moscow finally get rid of the ‘world's ugliest statue’?

The “Moscow Monster”, a 98-metre statue of Peter the Great in central Moscow that is passionately hated by most Muscovites, will probably be removed now that the mayor who was friends with its sculptor has been ousted from office. Read more...

Censored Russian artist threatens to boycott Louvre exhibition

Moscow backtracked on Friday from its initial refusal to allow provocative anti-government artist Avdey Ter-Oganian exhibit his work in France's Louvre museum. But Ter-Oganian told FRANCE 24 he will not take part in the exhibition until Russia ends its persecution of opposition artists. Read more...


Moscow mayor given the boot, but will his replacement be any better?

Russian president Dmitry Medvedev on Tuesday fired longstanding Moscow mayor Yuri Luzhkov, criticized for leaving on holiday while forest fires choked his city. But the opposition fears his successor,yet to be named by the Kremlin, will be just another government puppet. Read more...


Ready steady blow: Russia’s inflatable sex doll water sports

There are the serious sporting events... and then there is Russia's Bubble Baba Challenge. The annual race sees hundreds of competitors hurl themselves across river rapids riding inflatable sex dolls. Read more and see the photos...


Mysterious gang of brutal thugs attacks festival-goers

Amateur video footage shows an unknown gang of thugs viciously attacking a crowd of about 3,000 people at a punk rock festival in central Russia. Authorities have accused a local café owner of organising the attack, but our Observer questions this official version, calling it "ridiculous". Read more...


Tales of Russian corruption

Corruption in Russia represents 50% of the country’s GDP, according to a study published on August 16 by the national Human Rights lawyers association. Our Observers in Russia tell us that paying bribes for nearly everything is part of their daily lives. Read more…

"The government says everything's under control, but it's not true"

Since the beginning of August, calls for volunteers to combat the fires that are ravaging the country have increased. Our Observers explain that the measures which have been put into place are just not enough. Read more

Fans and artists show support for 'hooligan' rapper

Noize MC, Russia’s most prominent rapper, was condemned to 10 days in prison for hooliganism. Other artists and fans have condemned the actions of the police. Read more...