“Stalinobus” kills the mood ahead of WWII Victory Day festivities

For many in the former USSR, May 9 or Victory Day marks the day that the Soviet Union defeated Nazi Germany’s forces during World War II. Typically feted with fireworks and the odd parade, this year’s Victory Day may also feature a number of commuter buses decorated with portraits of ex-Soviet leader Joseph Stalin. Read more…

Orthodox Christians up in arms over 'Pussy Riot' in church

Three Russian women are currently in jail, awaiting trial on charges of hooliganism, after they allegedly held an impromptu anti-government punk show in Moscow’s Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. The Russian Orthodox Church is so unhappy with this “blasphemy” that its priests have collected signatures from their congregations to pressure the judiciary into handing the women severe sentences. Our Observer, an Orthodox priest, thinks this is a bad idea. Read more...

When it comes to election fraud, videos show Russia just can’t seem to help itself

The run-up to Russia’s presidential ballot was dominated by a variety of themes, chief among them transparency. Yet despite the government’s “best” efforts to improve voting conditions, a deluge of online clips appear to confirm widespread fears of election irregularities. Watch the videos…

Protesters tongue-tied when asked why they support Putin

Footage of a rally for Russian Prime Minister Valdimir Putin has tantalised the country’s online community, becoming its latest Internet hit. The video shows small pockets of Putin supporters as they mill around the demonstration, but when asked what they’re doing there or why they are waving a specific sign, the protesters appear rather blasé or even at a loss as to how to answer the question. Watch the video…