Anti–Putin protests: 'Moscow has lost Vladivostok'

Putin flew groups of riot police 10,000 kilometres on Saturday to meet anti-government protestors gathered in Vladivostok. Around a thousand Russians from the east of the country showed disdain for the Prime Minister by taking to the streets. Their message: "United Russia can go to hell". Read more...


Russia's far east continues calls for Putin to resign

Russian protesters in the far east of the country plan to heighten pressure on the government this weekend by continuing to cause chaos in the city of Vladivostok. Read more...


Russia protests: "a police colonel tried to gouge someone's eyes out"

After groups of opposition supporters were pushed, carried and kicked into police vans on Sunday at demonstrations in Moscow and St Petersburg, the Russian Web has been flooded with brutal images of the event. Read more and see the videos...


Moscovites fed up with "fat cat" convoys blocking roads

Putin's convoy in Budapest. Image: Lorinc Sonnevend on Flickr.

Frustrated by increasing numbers of official corteges blocking traffic - even emergency services - for up to twenty minutes, one Muscovite webuser decided to film the practice on his mobile phone and post it online. Read more and see the video...


How to gatecrash the Moscow metro

How to... get on to the Moscow metro without buying a ticket. See the video.


Coup d'état in Moscow

Webusers are puzzled over photos of an enormous green skull and crossbones projected onto the Russian Houses of Parliament, which appeared last week. A terrorist threat? A music file-share warning? One of our Observers found out who did it, and asked them why. Read more...


The sad tale of the rapping soldier

All in good humour, a soldier wrote and recorded a parody of Eminem's "Stan" - this time about daily life in the Russian army. As a result, he managed to win himself a one-way ticket to Russia's far eastern wastelands. See the clip and read more.


Why was a major Russian ISP shut down?

One of our Observers for Russia alerted us to the closure of one of the country's oldest Internet service providers (ISPs), and the various rumours that have sprung up following the police intervention. Censorship of political opinion or censorship of child pornography? Read more...


Oh my God, they killed Kenny, Homer and Peter!

Russian authorities are in a flap about "Mr Hankey the Christmas Poo", who they say "promotes religious hatred". The upset means that along with The Simpsons and Family Guy, Mr Hankey and his South Park friends will soon disappear from Russian television screens. Read more...