How to gatecrash the Moscow metro

How to... get on to the Moscow metro without buying a ticket. See the video.


Coup d'état in Moscow

Webusers are puzzled over photos of an enormous green skull and crossbones projected onto the Russian Houses of Parliament, which appeared last week. A terrorist threat? A music file-share warning? One of our Observers found out who did it, and asked them why. Read more...


The sad tale of the rapping soldier

All in good humour, a soldier wrote and recorded a parody of Eminem's "Stan" - this time about daily life in the Russian army. As a result, he managed to win himself a one-way ticket to Russia's far eastern wastelands. See the clip and read more.


Why was a major Russian ISP shut down?

One of our Observers for Russia alerted us to the closure of one of the country's oldest Internet service providers (ISPs), and the various rumours that have sprung up following the police intervention. Censorship of political opinion or censorship of child pornography? Read more...


Oh my God, they killed Kenny, Homer and Peter!

Russian authorities are in a flap about "Mr Hankey the Christmas Poo", who they say "promotes religious hatred". The upset means that along with The Simpsons and Family Guy, Mr Hankey and his South Park friends will soon disappear from Russian television screens. Read more...

Censorship - live on Russian TV

Could the Kremlin censure an entertainment programme on live TV? According to Russian bloggers, that's exactly what happened on one of the country's national television channels. Indeed, the video of the programme is beyond belief. Read more and watch the video.


Putin fooled by his own media's disinformation

Putin pounced on a Fox News interview in which an Ossetian woman trying to praise Russia is cut off by the interviewer. Maybe he'd only seen the Russian-dubbed version, when the interviewer, almost comically, coughs and hums loudly over her speech. Read more and see the videos...


The dark side of South Ossetia

Just after Russian forces stormed the South Ossetian capital, celebrated Russian conductor Valery Gergiev, who grew up in Ossetia, gave a concert to honour the victory. Our Observer there managed to photograph the event with his mobile.  Read more...


Russian blog review: "Looking for nuclear war? Bring it on!"

A photomontage circulating on russian blogs.The crater is on Poland.

The Georgian War and the subsequent missile defense deployment in Poland and the Czech Republic have stirred up Russian bloggers. Many vent their frustration through hawkish comments and nostalgia of Soviet military might. Read more...

"I want Russians to leave my town"

While the international community waits for Russian troops to complete their withdrawal of Georgia, our Observer in the field tells us that the army is in fact consolidating its position around Poti, her town. According to her, its citizens have begun protesting against this occupation. Read More...