'Badass' Russian waitress video is fake

The video, filmed in a bar in Russia, is just too good to be true: when a customer grabs her butt, a waitress smacks him in the face with a menu, knocking him to the ground. With more than 8 million YouTube views, the footage of the waitress’s spirited response is this week’s viral video. Dozens of media sources, in Russia and elsewhere, shared the video of the incident… without verifying it. Read more...

Ukraine rebels launch grisly propaganda war

Separatists in eastern Ukraine have begun taking their propaganda war into unchartered territory. Gruesome new footage has emerged of prisoners of war kneeling before a rebel commander who forces them to eat their army badges. Other scenes from this grisly reel are too graphic to show. Read why it marks a turning point...

The doctors working on Ukraine’s frontline without pay, supplies

Even the hospitals aren't safe in eastern Ukraine. On Monday, a shell smashed into a hospital in Donetsk, the latest salvo in a conflict that has gutted healthcare in rebel-held territory, where doctors work under constant threat of bombardment – and don’t even get paid. Read eyewitness testimony from on the ground.

Ukraine police watch as pro-Russian politician thrown in dumpster

On Christmas Eve, a group of masked men picked up a municipal council member and tossed him into a dumpster in the city of Kharkov. Despite bearing witness to the surreal chain of events, the police failed to react, raising questions about the impunity afforded to certain ultra-nationalist groups in Ukraine. Read more...

A young Spaniard fights ‘against fascism’ in Ukraine

Two young Spaniards recently arrived in Ukraine’s eastern Donbass region, which is currently the theatre of violent clashes between separatists and government forces. One of them, 27 years-old Rafael Munoz, spoke to FRANCE 24. He told us he wanted to fight against fascism, just like his forefathers did against Spain’s General Franco. Read more...

Video: ultra-nationalist militants fighting alongside Ukraine’s army

The Ukrainian army made stunning gains over the weekend, overrunning pro-Russian insurgents in the eastern towns of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk after months of bitter fighting. But according to new video, members of Right Sector – an extremist group - are battling alongside regular army soldiers. Read more...

Иранские истребители в Ираке.

Истребитель Sukhoi в Иранском флоте.

Is this video of separatists executing two Ukrainian army officers staged?

The authenticity of a video that alleges to show the execution of two Ukrainian officers in the restive east of the country is under heavy scrutiny. In the footage, a masked man shoots two men hooded and facing the wall after a separatist leader – identified as Igor Bezler – addresses the camera and gives the order to fire. Read more…