Algerian Christians face jail sentence for breaking Ramadan fast

On October 5, an Algerian court will hand down its verdict in the trial of two construction workers arrested on August 12. Their crime? They took a lunch break and drank water at their work place in the middle of the Ramadan fasting period. Read more...


“How I happened to celebrate the end of Ramadan in Cape Town”

Muslims worldwide celebrated the end of the Ramadan period of fasting last Thursday. The Muslim community of Cape Town, South Africa, marked this special evening by distributing hundreds of hot meals to the homeless. Our Observer, a Buddhist, joined them for a memorable night. Read her account...


Police clash with Catholics over unauthorised cross memorial

A wooden cross erected in front of the Polish presidential palace in memory of the late president Lech Kaczynski is at the centre of a heated row between Catholics, secular Poles and authorities. Read more...


Hungarian priest uses skateboard to 'bring people to Jesus'

A Hungarian Catholic priest shot to Youtube fame with his distinctive new method of spreading the Gospel: skateboarding. Watch the video...


Belfast clashes: nationalist ire or 'recreational violence'?

Clashes between nationalist rioters and police dragged on for a fourth consecutive day in Belfast on Wednesday, with protesters throwing rocks, concrete slabs and petrol bombs at police, who responded with rubber bullets and water cannons. Read more...

Why is Morocco deporting Christians?

On March 8, Morocco expelled 16 foreign workers from its territory, accusing them of proselytising to disadvantaged children and orphans. This comes during a period of growing hostility towards Christians living in the Muslim-majority kingdom. Read more...


Akon banned from Sri Lanka for “Buddha abuse” video

Buddhist fundamentalists have succeeded in banning American R&B star Akon from entering Sri Lanka after attacking a TV station sponsoring the singer's upcoming concert. What started out as a Facebook campaign against the juxtaposition of bikini-clad women and a Buddha statue, entered mainstream politics on Wednesday when the Colombo authorities announced that Akon had been denied a visa to the country. Read more...


Bibles and porn, same difference?

A stand set up by students on the college campus of the University of San Antonio, Texas, caused quite a stir last week: a group of atheist students were giving out free porn magazines and books in exchange for…bibles. Read more...

India celebrates festival of colours with holy marijuana milkshakes

Holi is a spring Hindu festival celebrated in north India, well known around the world as an extravagant celebration of colours. But lesser-known is that it’s also traditionally celebrated with marijuana milkshakes. Read more…


Mexico's latest saint, not on your calendar

In Mexico, where people have traditionally been devout followers of the Virgin of Guadalupe and the peasant Juan Diego, a new "saint" is quickly growing in popularity. But it's not one you can find in the Catholic pantheon: "Santa Muerte" (Holy Death), as she's known, has a skull's head and a bride's body. Read more..