Ukraine rebels launch grisly propaganda war

Separatists in eastern Ukraine have begun taking their propaganda war into unchartered territory. Gruesome new footage has emerged of prisoners of war kneeling before a rebel commander who forces them to eat their army badges. Other scenes from this grisly reel are too graphic to show. Read why it marks a turning point...

The fanciful claims of Russian propaganda amid Ukraine's crisis

As the threat of armed conflict hangs over Ukraine, Russian media outlets are firing the opening salvoes of a parallel propaganda war. But several reports have already raised eyebrows. We get to the bottom of three fanciful claims currently making the rounds. Read more...

Modern-day Maoists worry Chinese authorities

A group of Maoists commemorating the 35th anniversary of Mao Zedong’s death in the northern Chinese city of Taiyuan was violently broken up by police. Chinese authorities have no patience for these Mao-lovers, who seem to have forgotten the former communist leader’s authoritarian streak and retained only the idyllic vision of a fairer society. One Chinese Maoist gives us his account. Read more…

How China transforms a propaganda film into a summer blockbuster

According to the blogger who posted these images, these cinema tickets tell a lot about the Chinese government’s propaganda tactics. Read more...

"Repeat after me": a crash course in Chinese journalism

This Chinese journalist has a problem: a toothless peasant won’t answer his questions clearly enough. No matter, he’ll just “suggest” the right turn of phrase, and even help the peasant rehearse his lines. Lights, camera, action!


Iran wildly overestimates France 24’s – and Ahmadinejad’s - popularity

According to Fars news the official Iranian press agency, an article on France about Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's speech at the UN General Assembly in September reaped in 2.2 billion reader comments. This figure doesn't exactly match those of France 24. Read more...


Surprise YouTube hit shows N. Korean girl praising 'socialist paradise'

A video of a pretty North Korean girl heaping praise on Pyongyang's communist regime has gone viral in recent months. Her message is clear: life in her country is a socialist paradise, while the West knows only poverty and chaos. Watch the video...


China’s “Good Samaritan” turns Party into a laughing stock

Lei Feng is the Chinese Communist Party's favourite do-gooder. The late comrade has been unknowingly representing good behaviour since he died in 1962. Each year, a day is held to encourage his enviable virtues. But this year, the legend has been employed by one web user to make a mockery of the Chinese Communist Party; with his very own blog. Read more...


When election cards turn into propaganda material

Sri Lanka headed to the polls today to choose between incumbent President Mahinda Rajapakse and former army chief Sarath Fonseka. Desperate to cling onto power after claiming the defeat of the Tamil Tigers last year, Rajapakse has been accused of verging on illegal tactics in his attempt to woo voters. Read more...