"I’ve got news for all of you – McCain will be the next US president"

The furious outburst of this Clinton-crazy campaigner will go down as the best bit of the closing stages of the Democratic trail. Harriet Christian is fed up with being overlooked because, as "an older American woman", she's like "a second class citizen". When the final vote comes round, she'll be voting for McCain. Read more...


On the ground, legless and armless, Hillary refuses to lay down her sword

Hillary Clinton is trailing in the number of pledged delegates. Everyone, or nearly everyone, considers her beaten for the nomination. But the senator from New York refuses to lay down her sword. This thirst for battle, whatever the cost, has inspired one of our observers in the U.S., who compared Hillary Clinton's attitude to that of the famous “black knight” from Monty Python. Read the following and watch the video.

Obama the superstar

Seventy-five-thousand people came to see Barack Obama give a speech in Oregon on Sunday - a crowd size expected to turn up to a concert rather than a campaign rally. In a country known to be apathetic when it comes to political gatherings, how does Obama mobilise so many? Read more...


Vote Clinton, not "Barack the Magic Negro"

In an attempt to stop Barack Obama from getting into the White House, a rightwing radio presenter has been encouraging Republican supporters to vote for Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries in the hope of getting the supposedly weaker candidate nominated to face John McCain. Read more...


Who are these power-snatching "super" delegates?

Photos: Cheryl Biren-Wright and "serlingrod"

With neither Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton reaching the minimum amount of delegates to be elected presidential nominee of the Democratic party, the final decision will be left to around 800 party members known as "superdelegates". Does that mean months of campaigning, vote counting and bickering were wasted on less than one percent of the Democratic electorate? A superdelegate answers. Read more...


Penn primary: a blue-collar worker tells us about his first time voting

A polling station in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. Photo by Sandra Miller, a farmer who's following the primaries for the Observers.

Hillary Clinton won the Democratic primary in Pennsylvania yesterday, throwing her back into the nomination race. Rather than speculate the details of the results, we give the account of Mike Ruddy, a young blacksmith and one of the much-talked- about "blue-collar workers", who voted for the first time yesterday. Read more...

Below-the-belt campaign videos

Campaigning for the American presidency just got nastier in the run-up to the Pennsylvania primary on Tuesday. The only candidate to keep out of the campaign video catfight is Republican candidate John McCain... although the ageing conservative hasn't managed to avert attacks fired in his direction. Here's our selection of below-the-belt campaign videos.


Obama - Clinton debate: "Boy did they skirt the rifle issue!"

© ABC News

Democrat candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton faced each other for the last time before next Tuesday's Pennsylvania primary in a televised debate last night. Our Observers in the state react to the candidates' ideas on weapons, the economy, and Obama's apparent elitism. Read more...

Did Clinton blacken Obama?

Tension seems to be mounting between supporters of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. A post on the political blog Daily Kos generated a firestorm of controversy. Read more…


Jack backs Clinton

Barack Obama might enjoy the support of stars Robert De Niro, Scarlett Johansson and George Clooney, but film favourite Jack Nicholson decided to side with Hillary Clinton in a video clip, helping to pull the “doomed” democrat candidate out of what seemed like a political grave only last week. Clinton’s wins in Ohio and Texas come after 11 consecutive defeats, and an endorsement video from Nicholson. Read more and see the clip, along with the Obama takeoff, of course.