Far right banned from the police

A Liverpool police officer has been suspended from duty after his force discovered his name on a leaked membership list of a far-right political party. Read more...

The photo that cost a policeman his job

A few weeks ago Chinese webuser "24 degrees" posted this photo of a policeman chatting openly to the street traders that he was supposed to be tracking. The photo has since cost the policeman his job. Read more and see the photo.


On patrol with the sheriff's "Peacemaker"

Patrol cars weren't adequate in keeping order in the land, Sheriff Leon Lott decided. So off to the army he went, to ask for an armoured vehicle fitted out with a machine gun. "It shall be called The Peacemaker," he thought. Read more...


A nightclub owned by the police?

To wish luck to a new business in China, messages are offered inscribed on red banners. But when the business in question is a nightclub and the well-wishers are the local police, neighbours start asking questions. Read more...


It’s an emergency call: "my wife's left me two salmon sandwiches"

A UK police force that got sick of people phoning the emergency services with trivial problems is making an example of the timewasters by posting recordings of their requests on YouTube. Their message: don't phone 999 if you're hungry, drunk, or filling out a questionnaire. Read more and listen to some of the best examples...


"Smile! You're on CCTV" - naked

A Chinese journalist managed to get access to a stream of images delivered by a surveillance camera located on the roof of a building. Although the camera was supposed to be keeping an eye on a set of crossroads, the journalist noticed that during the night, the policeman in charge was lingering on the windows of a building across the street. Read more...

Odd looking photographer? Must be a terrorist

If you have a long-lens camera, more then one mobile phone or a peculiar home life then you could be branded a terrorist in London. The Metropolitan Police have just stepped up their campaign against terrorist activity by increasing “stop and search” powers and reminding the public to keep their eyes peeled for “odd” people. Our Observer in London is apparently one of them. Read more…



Dancing policeman

For the past 23 years, police officer Tony Lepore has been coming out of retirement to direct traffic on Rhode Island, Massachusetts. The 60-year-old ex-warden spends each Christmas directing drivers with a festive version of the traffic warden's code. This year his moves have caught the attention of internet users. Videos of the dancing policeman can be found on blogs all over the world.

 Video posted 13 December 2007.


Taser, a non-lethal weapon?

Canada's federal police watchdog requested yesterday that authorities "immediately restrict" the use of Taser guns (electronic control devices). The news has refuelled debate over the use of the "non-lethal" weapon, which has been blamed for the death of a Polish immigrant killed in Vancouver airport on 14 October. The incident was filmed by a passenger who put the images online a few weeks later. Robert Dziekanski, the man we see in the video, died a few minutes after being shocked with a Taser. We have commentary from an Amnesty International representative and from Tom Smith, co-founder of Taser. Read more.


Video filmed by an airport passenger on 14 October 2007.


Fashion crackdown intensifies: arrests captured on film

This video was captured on a mobile phone at the Abouzar roundabout in the eastern Iranian city of Birjand. It shows two girls being arrested by the police for not covering their hair properly. The police are supposed to act like a ‘moral authority’ that protects and enforces Islamic customs in Iranian society. But they are not always official. They can approach people acting ‘inappropriately’, for example an unmarried couple holding hands or a girl with heavy make-up. Many people try to resist; as the girls in the video.