Tacloban Survivor: 'My parents were so happy to see me alive'

Marcelo Maloon Jr. was getting ready to take his nursing exams when the typhoon hit. He left his belongings at his home in Tacloban to take shelter with friends in a nearby hotel, hoping to return after the storm. He came back to find a pile of debris where his home had once stood. Read more...


Philippines typhoon: 'We're worried some of the aid could be diverted'

Four days after the strongest typhoon in recorded history wreaked havoc on the Philippines, government relief efforts are still lagging behind and many of the survivors are struggling to fend for themselves. Read more...

In pictures: Deadly typhoon wreaks havoc in the Philippines

What could be one of the biggest storms in history slammed into the Philippines Friday morning, destroying homes and leaving many families cut off from the outside world. Read more...

Philippines flash floods: "We were unprepared"

The Philippines are preparing for the mass burial of scores of bodies after flash floods left more than 900 people dead in the southern island of Mindanao. Our Observer there says that while typhoons are common in his country, Mindanao usually escapes the worst of the damage, meaning that residents were unprepared. Read more…


Philippine students are lying down to stand up for what they believe

An unusual form of protest is sweeping the Philippines. Demonstrators gather in a specific location, and lie face down on the floor with their arms by their sides. It’s a way to get political messages across, and it appears to be working – one congressman has already called for “planking” to be banned. Read more and see photos...

Torture scene in a Manila police station

This video was shot on a mobile phone in a Manila police station. It shows a plainclothes police officer torturing a small-time thief by pulling a string attached to his genitals. WARNING - these images may be considered disturbing.