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Why is Bab el-Oued up in arms?

Protesting youths clashed with security forces on Wednesday night in the neighbourhood of Bab el-Oued in Algiers. Our Observer, who witnessed the riots, tells us why this impoverished and historically restive neighbourhood is once again up in arms. Read more and watch the videos…

Montreal fire-fighters try for Toronto wages

A Montreal fire engine with the altered Toronto emblem

Montreal fire-fighters are arguing for a pay rise to equal their Toronto counterparts- who have just received a three per cent rise. But because of a law in Quebec that prohibits emergency services from going on strike, the workers have had to find a more innovative way to complain. To get their message across the stations are plastering a new emblem on their engines. An altered version of the Toronto motif, where the original features Toronto's landmark CN Tower; Montreal's version has the equally famous Montreal Olympic Stadium in its place. Their message to the council is clear: we want equal pay. Read more...