New Zealand

Volunteers face gargantuan task of cleaning New Zealand’s oil-soaked beaches

New Zealand’s government is calling it the country’s “most significant maritime environmental disaster” ever. A massive oil spill off New Zealand’s North Island has got hundreds of volunteers scrambling to limit the damage to beaches. Read more…

Eight-year-old rapper accidentally catches Christchurch quake on camera

When the ground began to shake in Christchurch, New Zealand, on June 12, 8-year old Finn McMillan was filming himself on a cell phone performing a rap song. Watch the video...

Heavy seas wreak havoc aboard Pacific cruise ship

This video surveillance camera footage was filmed on a cruise ship caught in a terrible storm. Passengers are flung about like puppets, desperately clinging to anything nailed down. Watch the video...


Hate your car? Smash it up, in public

A New Zealand-based artist is encouraging people to vent their fumes by smashing up and vandalising old cars. Read more...


Tame Iti, the Maori who terrorises the Kiwis

All singing all dancing, tattooed and pierced from head to toes - who would have thought any indigenous New Zealander would end up in the docks for terrorism-related charges. But today, that's precisely what happened to 18 of the Maori community. Read more...