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Underground smooch caught on tape… and viewed by thousands

Filmed in September and posted online a few weeks ago, this video had been watched by 15,000 people just two days after being posted on YouTube. Now, after an investigation by Shanghai's metro rail authority, one of the employees responsible has been fired, while the other two had already resigned. The couple, who were filmed at Youyi underground station while being mocked by the voyeurs, say that their privacy has been violated. Although they were issued a formal apology by the rail authority, they still plan to take them to court. Since the incident, the man has quit his job due to insulting telephone calls.

Video posted on YouTube by 'greatsunrise', 18 January 2008


Pop Idol from Iraq to Russia

Since the launch of reality TV pop-star contests, thousands of talented and talentless people have been able to get their 15 minutes of fame on primetime TV. Britain's Pop Idol concept is so popular in fact, that it has been sold to 110 countries worldwide. And there seems to be no cultural boundary that the more recent Star Academy can't cross. It's the fist Spanish TV product to be sold to both American and Arabic countries. Here is our pick of the most entertaining auditions and performances. See the videos...

West Africa brings out the ‘ow!’ factor

Kenyan web users gang together on ‘Google Maps’

Text messages played an important part in the Kenya protests at the end of last month. Now, Kenyan bloggers have found a new way to circulate information about the riots, rapes and murders that tear through their country. Our Observer Daudi Were, one of the project organisers, explains to us how it works. Read more...


The video that tipped the democrat voters?

Barack Obama is a star in the internet community, making regular appearances on Facebook and YouTube and bagging a mention in every second blog. But today, with the help of a video posted on YouTube, Hillary Clinton has made a fierce comeback online. Staring into ABC's cameras, she brings herself to tears explaining that the difficult battle she's fighting, she does so ‘thinking of her children'. These images, which have humanised a candidate who until now has been criticised for her stony personality and reckless ambition, have already been watched 300,000 times on YouTube. Read more...

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