Nepalese call for return of stolen statues after quakes

The massive earthquakes that recently hit Nepal caused the loss of thousands of lives, but they also destroyed numerous temples. In a strange twist of fate, some holy statues survived the two quakes and their aftershocks… because they were stolen and smuggled abroad several decades ago. Some Nepalese people are now calling for their immediate return. Read more...


Nepali Internet users mock politicians with 'smash chair challenge'

Instead of engaging in thoughtful debate, Nepal’s members of parliament elected to settle their differences by throwing chairs at each other last week. Photos of the heated parliamentary scuffle were quickly posted to the Internet as social media users ridiculed lawmakers with the hashtag #SmashChairChallenge. Read more...

After India, protests against rape spread to Nepal

Mass protests over the gang rape of a young medical student in India have inspired a similar movement in neighbouring Nepal, where hundreds of protesters have been picketing outside the prime minister’s office for the past week. They are furious over the alleged rape and robbery of a maid by government officials, just one of many cases they accuse the government of ignoring. Read more…