Native American Indians

Human safaris threaten the Mashco-Piro in Peru

In the past few months, tour groups in Peru have been organising “human safaris,” promising to bring tourists into contact with the Mashco-Piro, a tribe living isolated in the Peruvian Amazon. Our Observer explained the grave consequences of this illegal activity, both degrading and dangerous for the Mashco-Piro. Read more...

Traditional coca leaf: medicine or menace?

Bolivia is appealing to lift a worldwide ban on coca leaf production and consumption, claiming that it violates the right of indigenous peoples to practice the ancient custom of coca chewing. But not everyone is happy with the appeal, notably the United States, which has concerns centering around the cocaine derivative of the plant. Read more...

The sheriff that terrorises Mexicans and dresses inmates in pink

Tensions between the indigenous population and authorities in Phoenix reached boiling point on Saturday when thousands of demonstrators marched through the city to demonstrate their aversion to County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, best known for his severe anti-immigration and prison policies. Welcome to Maricopa, where chain gangs still exist and inmates are forced to wear pink underwear. Read more...


Amazon’s toxic waste: natives blame Texaco

Multinational oil giant Chevron Texaco is facing the most expensive environmental lawsuit in history. Accused by an Amazonian indigenous community of contaminating the land with toxic waste, the world's third biggest petrol supplier could face a fine of 27 billion dollars. Read more...


Police cover-up of Amazon clashes?

The police say they were attacked by spear-wielding indigenous protesters; the indigenous protesters say they were subject to a massacre at the hands of the authorities. Dozens have been killed, but the public still doesn't know what really happened on the morning of June 5 in Peru's Bagua province. Read more...


Indigenous communities march for Morales

Tens of thousands of largely indigenous demonstrators who trekked for nine days in support of President Evo Morales' constitutional reform - which would give more power to the country's indigenous majority - on Monday celebrated the draft's approval by Congress. Our Observer from La Paz took part in the "long march". Read more and see his photos.


Six Indians killed defending a Maya site

For the past month, a group of Chiapas Indians had been occupying an archaeological site, demanding a better share of tourism profits. On Friday, state police arrived, killing six of them. Now a video showing the start of the police intervention is circulating on Indian blogs. Read more...

Abraham Bojorquez, no bling-bling rapper

Far from the gold chains and bimbos of American video clips, Abraham Bojorquez raps to his American Indian fans at 4000 metres above sea level. Read more…