“Punk’s not dead, it’s just under police surveillance”

One of our Observers in Russia, blogger Sean Guillory, has made us aware of an unusual addition to the country's "extremist" list. The authorities have added none other than, punks, to their blacklist. Read more...


Michael Jackson, Black or White?

News of Michael Jackson’s death spread like wildfire across Africa and the world. But do Africans still consider the performer – who spent much of his life attempting to whiten his skin – as a black singer they can identify with? Read more...

Putin the superhero banished from Ukrainian airwaves

"Vova", commonly known as Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, is a superhero according to Ukrainian band Dress Code, who have released a song devoted to the merits of the James Bond-defying, child-saving, universally adored Russian. Banned in Ukraine, the video is causing quite a stir. Read more and watch the clip...


'Playing for Change': buskers worldwide unite for peace

Can music bring together the entire human race? That's the belief of "Playing For Change", a group of young Americans who travel the world recording buskers, amateur choirs and singers of every nationality, and then put them on the same record. Read more and see the videos...


Sinhalese find strength in a "lovers' story" while troops press on with offensive

Unusual to see a soldier performing a love song on stage at a time of war, but according to one of our Sinhalese Observers, it's a useful moral booster as the Sri Lankan Army battles through what it says are the last days of its bloody offensive against the cornered Tamil Tigers. Read more and see the clip...


Unemployed un-kissed 47-year-old to win 'Britain's Got Talent'?

Photo © Britain's Got Talent.

The latest woman to wow YouTube is quite the opposite of what we're used to. Unlike the majority of video clip fodder, Susan Boyle is highly unattractive and greatly talented. And everyone loves her. A fairytale come true, or a showbiz fake? Read more...


Kutiman makes music by stealing from YouTube

Kutiman makes music by stealing amateur musical extracts posted on YouTube and mixing them up with others. The result? Despite being unknown to the world just a month ago, the Israeli musician has just been labelled "YouTube's most famous DJ" by Time. Read more...


Big mouth Manu Chao not welcome in Mexico

Franco-Spanish musician and political activist Manu Chao found himself under investigation by the Mexican interior ministry last week after the 47-year-old singer referred to a 2006 police crackdown as "state terrorism". Read more...


The Bollywood clip with an Israeli objective

This clip is hoped to promote Israel's military might in India. An unusual way of going about it... the Bollywood style clip has not gone down well with everybody. Read more and see the clip.