Killed for smoking a joint on his scooter

On Sept. 11, Fodail Aberkane, 37, was arrested for consumption of cannabis. He was released, but several days later he returned to the police station to attempt to recover his scooter and his mobile phone, both of which had been confiscated. Read more...


“Papa, what’s the Shah’s job?”

The Shah of Iran, or Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, was Iran's last monarch. He ruled the country from 1941 until the Islamic Revolution in 1979. This opinion piece on the "king of kings" and his legacy was sent to us by one of our registered users, Shohreh A, 42, from Tehran. Read more...


Mohammed VI's tenth year - what do Moroccans make of him?

It's ten years since King Mohammed VI took the reigns of the Moroccan monarchy. Two of our Moroccan Observers comment on his time in power so far. Read more...