Petting a dog unleashes a national scandal in Malaysia

Muslims in Malaysia consider dogs impure and thus try to avoid contact with them at all costs. One man decided to fight these negative perceptions by organising an event called "I want to touch a dog.” But despite the precautions that he undertook with religious authorities, this meeting between humans and their four-legged friends ended up unleashing a national scandal. Read more...

Outcry over Malaysia vote's "not-so-indelible" ink

The thick blue ink used to stain Malaysian voters’ fingers was supposed to be indelible, so that they could not attempt to vote more than once in Sunday’s elections. However, this seems to have failed. Read more…


Protest for fair elections spirals out of control in Kuala Lumpur

What began as a peaceful demonstration to demand electoral reforms soon degenerated into violence after Malaysian police and protesters scuffled in the capital Kuala Lumpur over the weekend, prompting widespread allegations of police brutality and excessive force. Yet footage of the event has sparked questions as to what role demonstrators played in the unrest. Watch the videos…

“We don’t want your radioactive pollution!” Malaysians tell Australians

Thousands of green-clad protesters took to the streets in the eastern Malaysian city of Kuantan on Tuesday to protest against the construction of an Australian rare earth minerals treatment plant, whose activities they worry will severely pollute their region. Read more...


‘We will protest every Saturday until we obtain free and fair elections’

Malaysian opposition protests are gaining momentum both on the streets and on the Web after a banned demonstration in Kuala Lumpur on Saturday ended with a wave of mass arrests. A Facebook petition has seen more than 170,000 people call for Prime Minister Najib Razak to quit, while protest organisers say they will take to the streets every Saturday until their demands for electoral reform are met. Read more...


For better, for worse: Malaysian wives taught to be ‘obedient prostitutes’

According to a newly created club in Malaysia, the secret to a successful marriage is simple: an obedient wife who makes sure her husband is sexually satisfied. Launched on June 4 in Kuala Lumpur, the 1000-member strong ‘Obedient Wives Club’ (OWC) has sparked controversy in one of the most modern and progressive Muslim-majority countries. Read more….

Johnson & Johnson execs play Nazis in role-play blunder

Not everyone’s idea of fun. Employees of the Malaysian branch of US pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson went to a recent briefing seminar in a Kuala Lumpur hotel dressed up as…Hitler. Read more and see the photos…