Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Footballer's funeral kicks off protests

Dubbed ‘The Legend’ by Iranians, Nasser Hajazi, Iran’s best defender but also a major symbol of opposition to Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s government, died on May 23. His massive public funeral gave anti-government Iranians a rare chance to speak out in public. Read more...

Is the writing on the wall for the Iranian regime?

In Iran, depending on who you talk to, the recent events in Tunisia and Egypt mean very different things. While the regime claims the popular uprisings are a natural extension of the 1979 Islamic revolution, opposition activists are calling for Iranian leaders to follow in Tunisia’s Ben Ali’s footsteps – via graffiti in Tehran. Read more...


Young Iranians' new show of freedom? Curly locks

 If Iran's hardliner’s had their way, men would keep their hair cropped short and women’s locks would be firmly out of sight under tight veils. As a result, free-spirited young Iranians have decided to wear their curly locks Jimmy Hendrix-style, a move less innocuous than it looks at first glance. Read more...


Ahmadinejad allies shut up shop over tax dispute

The Iranian government is facing strong opposition from enraged merchants, who entered their sixth day of strikes on Monday in protest against a hefty annual tax increase. Generally considered close allies of the Islamic regime, the stall owners' protests are viewed as a serious warning to President Ahmadinejad.  Read more...


Iranians ignore mullet ban

The Western media are having a field day over Tehran's "unacceptable haircuts" list, which includes the mullet. Moreover, one of our Observers in Tehran tells us that the authorities there are flailing badly in their crackdown on offensive hairstyles. Read more...


Ahmadinejad heckled by jobless crowd

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was interrupted by crowd members shouting “unemployment, unemployment” during a speech on Monday.


Why Tehran can’t help but love Gucci

Four years after Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ordered a strict crackdown on "western fashion", there remains a district of Tehran which the president seems to have forgotten. One of our Observers there explains why Gucci, Versace and Hugo Boss are still standing in the capital. Read more...


Tehran student protests in amateur pictures

Tehran commemorated national student day on Monday by staging protests in the streets of the capital, despite the heavy police presence. Follow our live updates...

“Papa, what’s the Shah’s job?”

The Shah of Iran, or Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, was Iran's last monarch. He ruled the country from 1941 until the Islamic Revolution in 1979. This opinion piece on the "king of kings" and his legacy was sent to us by one of our registered users, Shohreh A, 42, from Tehran. Read more...