Tamil Tigers

“Horrendous” mobile footage of Tamil executions

UPDATE - 8/01/2010: following the investigation by three experts, a UN envoy announced on Thursday that the video footage is authentic and urged for a war crime enquiry. Colombo however denied the findings on Friday, claiming that one of the UN experts was leading a personal crusade against the country. Read more and see the video...


Tamil Tiger leader still alive!

The Sri Lankan Army released footage of the body of Tamil Tiger chief Velupillaï Prabhakaran on Tuesday. But a lot of Tamils refuse to believe it. Today we received supposed proof of Prabhakaran's continued existence. But it looks rather like Photoshop had something to do with it. Read more...


New photos of the bloodbath in Sri Lanka

One of our contacts at the pro-Tamil Tiger website TamilNet has sent us images of a makeshift hospital in Mul’l’li-vaaykkaal, which was allegedly shelled by the Sri Lankan army this morning. Warning: some of these pictures may be disturbing. Read more...


Sinhalese find strength in a "lovers' story" while troops press on with offensive

Unusual to see a soldier performing a love song on stage at a time of war, but according to one of our Sinhalese Observers, it's a useful moral booster as the Sri Lankan Army battles through what it says are the last days of its bloody offensive against the cornered Tamil Tigers. Read more and see the clip...


"This is a humanitarian disaster. I'm asking the world to have mercy on us"

Because the Sri Lankan army controls all acces to information in the war zone, it is hard to assess exactly how bad the humanitarian situation is around the last posts of the Tamil stronghold. An Observer called us on Thursday from Mullaitivu, a city just a few miles away from the Tamil-occupied territory. Read more...


At the heart of a suicide attack in Sri Lanka

A raw video of the suicide attack that killed 15 people in Sri Lanka on Wednesday has been posted online. The cameraman captured images just a few metres from the explosion. Warning, some of the footage may be disturbing. See the footage...

Tamils abroad "living a collective depression"

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) are today facing extinction, cornered in the country's north-eastern jungle territory by the Sri Lankan regular forces. One of our Observers, a Tamil refugee in France, tells us of the torment endured by the community, which faces unending reports of mortalities. Read more...


The Sri Lankan army shows off its 'feats' online

The Sri Lankan army captured a Tamil Tiger "hideout" last week. But in place of finding chief rebel Velupillai Prabhakaran, they came across a large stuffed tiger. It didn't stop them from boasting about the victory on the net, however. Read more and see the photos...


31 killed in an explosion, civilians back to being targeted

Sri Lanka saw yet more bloodshed on Wednesday when thirty-one civilians were killed in an attack on a bus in the south-east of the country. The island is not unaccustomed to this type of violence, but this attack could prove to be a turning point in the war between the Tamil Tigers and the state army. Our Observer Kumar explains why civilian attacks - which had become a rarity in recent years - may be on the increase again. Read more...

Posted on the Sinhalese site ‘Master of News', 16 January 2008. Warning, you may find these images upsetting.