One year after riots, London neighbourhood turns ruins into art

One year after the London riots, some neighbourhoods in the city still bare the scars. One such neighbourhood is Lavender Hill, located near the southwestern Clapham Junction railway station. To commemorate the riots, a number of Lavender Hill residents got together to paint a mural over the boarded up remains of a business destroyed during the mayhem. See the images…

Youth educator defends London rioters: “It’s their pain speaking”

The soul searching as to why people started fires, destroyed property, looted stores, and generally caused chaos in the UK has begun. Our Observer, a youth educator, tells us the rioters' side of the story…

Fighting back with brooms: London citizens clean up after the riots

After a third night of violent riots, London residents armed with gloves, brooms and plastic bags are literally picking up the pieces. Read more…