Kuwaitis post photos of their ‘runaway maids’ on Instagram

Someone has found a strange new use for the photo-sharing site Instagram: a user is asking fellow Kuwaitis to send in photos of their domestic workers who have run away, and has posted dozens of these images, often along with detailed information about the workers’ identity. Read more...


Police raise stakes as anti-government unrest grows in Kuwait

After three months of anti-government protests, the winds of change are blowing stronger than ever in the kingdom of Kuwait. An election held at the beginning of December was supposed to calm things down, but it intensified the situation instead. Read more...

'Freedom balloons' for Kuwait’s stateless residents

Last Friday, Kuwaitis were treated to the spellbinding sight of balloon-like lanterns floating into the night sky. Yet the country had nothing special to celebrate. Rather, the lanterns were intended to draw attention to one of the oil-rich Gulf state’s least known problems: the existence of tens of thousands of “bedoun,” stateless residents with no status and few rights. Read more...

Twenty years after the Gulf War, the clean-up continues

Volunteer Kuwaiti divers have been busily cleaning up their country's polluted seabed for nearly a decade, but the debris they remove is not just an old shoe or tyre. Dozens of guns, canons and shells litter the crystal blue waters surrounding the island of Um al-Maradim. Read more...

Traditional pearl diving in the Gulf is making a comeback

Due to the dominance of oil, diving for pearls as an industry was left by the wayside, but in recent years this traditional skill has been making a comeback. Our Kuwaiti observer takes us off shore with these treasure hunters. Read more...


Kidney for sale, asking price €1,500

This ad appeared on the walls of Kuwait City last week. It might seem surprising but it reveals the extent of a growing trend in private sales of organs in the Gulf state. One of our Observers in the capital phoned the number on the poster for further details. Read more...