After cleric killing, Muslim youths’ anger boils over in Kenya

The killing of a controversial Muslim cleric has sparked two days of violent clashes between police and protesters in Mombasa, Kenya’s second biggest city. But according to our Observer there, the rioters are angry about much more than this latest incident. Read more…

Kenyan police shut down exhibit showing graphic photos of post-election violence

The weeks of inter-ethnic violence that followed Kenya’s last presidential election four and a half years ago have left deep wounds on the population. Our Observer, who photographed the clashes, believes that to heal these wounds, Kenyans need to remember what happened and talk about it. For the past four years, he’s travelled from town to town to display an exhibition of harrowing photos. This isn’t to everyone’s liking. Read more…

The week in amateur videos: a motorcycle miracle, brave bridge climbers and more

Silly, amazing or shocking things happen every day, all over the world – and in our era of video phones and high-speed internet, chances are they’ll be caught on camera and broadcast across the globe. Watch videos...

The world's poorest toymaker

Home to half a million people, the hundreds of thousands of shacks that skirt Nairobi make up the Kenyan capital's second largest shantytown. It’s amongst the rife poverty and scant landscape of Mathare that one man is devoting his time to making toys for children. Read more...


Makmende doesn’t watch TV, the TV watches him

He's the next big thing in Kenya, he's got 35,000 friends on Facebook, and he's the only name worth mentioning on Twitter. Meet Makmende, the man capable of giving malaria to mosquitoes and counting to 577 with his toes. Read more...


Slum turned vegetable garden

A blogger tell us how an ingenious idea got a group of shantytown residents to transform their quarters from a slum into a biological farm. Read more...


In Kenya, hate media has found a new home

The message Mashada posted on their forum page

One of Kenya's most popular discussion forums had to close its doors yesterday because of a barrage of abusive and hate-inciting comments left by web-users. James X runs the ‘Mashada' project. He explains that the site's once relatively peaceful discourse had taken a decisively violent turn since the elections. It seems that the internet is being used to fuel ethnic loathing. Could this media become the next Radio Mille Collines? Read more...


Misuse of power

These images were shown on Kenyan television on Tuesday. The scene was filmed in Kisumu (east), a stronghold of the opposition and where three protesters have been killed in two days (more on the riots). The film is now being circulated by Kenyan bloggers, who are condemning the national security forces for misuse of power.

Video posted on Youtube on 17 January 2007 - source : KTN