20 amateur images that have helped make history

From the Normandy landings to the Arab Spring, the history of the 20th and 21st century has been caught on camera. There are of course plenty of propaganda videos and journalists’ reports, but key moments in history have also been captured by regular people who happened to be at the right place at the right time. See FRANCE 24's selection of the most striking amateur images in modern history...

Venice residents versus the giant cruise ships

Venice: its canals, its gondolas, its historic buildings… and, looming over all this (quite literally), its giant cruise ships. Several of these behemoths pass through Venice every day, eliciting the ire of many local residents, including our Observer. Read more…


Videos of Venice submerged by water

Venice, the “City on the Water”, has become the city under water. Torrential rains over the weekend have left much of the region of Tuscany flooded, forcing some 200 people to evacuate. Venice, with its canals, is no stranger to flooding, but it's rare to see it hit quite so hard. Read more…

On a lean budget in Rome: “I skip breakfast to save money”

William Dongmo, a 25-year-old Cameroonian student, has been living in Rome for three years and is in his final year of earning a master's degree in computer engineering. With his university stipend, help from a church and small jobs, he earns nearly €450 a month – just barely enough to keep himself afloat. Read his story...

Algerian immigrants deported from Italy bound and gagged

Following their expulsion from Italy, two Algerian immigrants were bound and gagged on an Alitalia flight deporting them to Tunisia. Outraged not only by the situation but also by the apparent apathy of his fellow travellers, one passenger decided to snap photos of the two men and post the images on the Internet. Read more…

Protests against new high-speed train turn ugly

Protests against the construction of a new high speed train line linking the cities of Lyon, France and Turin, Italy are escalating, even as construction begins on the Italian side of the border. Our Observer tells us why he fiercely opposes the train line. Read more...

Italian shipwreck in amateur images

The Costa Concordia, a luxury cruise liner, ran aground Friday night off the coast of Tuscany. At least six people died and 15 are still missing after the Italian vessel’s hull struck a bed of rocks when it cruised too close to Giglio Island. Watch the videos.

Tunisian revolution unleashes wave of illegal migrants

The recent wave of political unrest in the Middle East has had a direct impact on North African immigration into Europe. In the past week alone, over 5,000 Tunisians have left their homes to set foot on the Italian island of Lampedusa — a traditional Mediterranean gateway to Europe. Read more...