Israel and Syria open up, but only for apples

The border that separates Syria from the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights has been firmly closed since 1967, with the two countries still officially at war. In the past few years, however, one type of goods has made it through during the months of March and April: apples. Read more...


Israelis are not camel-riding warmongers, and they can prove it

Israelis are sick and tired of getting a bad rap around the globe. As part of a new publicity campaign, the government has released three video clips mocking the French, Spanish and English for their alleged assumptions about the Jewish state. So, if you happened to think that Israelis were falafel-fed religious fanatics who travel across the desert on camels... Read more and watch the clips.


An Israeli ambassador tries to lecture American students…

When the Israeli ambassador to the United States spoke at The University of California Irvine (UCI), students made such a racket in protest that he was barely able to deliver his speech.


Gaza, living in the dark

Gaza survives on a minimal amount of electricity, leaving residents without power for the most part of the day. No television is one thing; no street lighting and hospital equipment is another. Read more...


Na Nach Jews: religion, tradition and techno music

Na Nachs" travel around Israel by truck with the aim of bringing joy and happiness to everyone they come cross... their method for spreading this joy is encouraging people to dance to "spiritual" techno music. And while they're at it, they also try to enlighten people about their particular brand of Judaism. Read more...


Gaza’s embargoed roses: the dark years

For two and a half years, under heavy blockade by Israel, Gazan flower-growers were forced to give away their produce as cattle feed. The crippling embargo – on flowers at least - has now been lifted. Read more...


Saucy billboards to be "buried" for carrying name of God

An Israeli TV network has agreed to take down billboards advertising a saucy soap after rabbis complained about the Judaic scriptures used in the background. The only problem - the ads are emblazoned with the name of God, meaning they'll have to be given a proper burial. Read more...


Hamas advocating dialogue through children’s cartoon?

Hamas owned al Asqa TV is known by many for promoting anti-Semitic values to children through its use of cuddly animals such as "Assoud the ‘holy war' rabbit". Last month however, the channel aired a cartoon which seemed to be advocating dialogue between Israeli and Palestinian kids. Too good to be true? When the Jews in it look like devils, yes. Read more and watch the clip...

Settlers proudly display evidence of construction in West Bank

A week after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told settlers to stop building in the West Bank, a settler posted photos of them doing just that, on his blog. Read more...