‘Dancing Israeli soldier’ video: "When I saw it, I realised with a shock that I was the victim"

A young Palestinan woman who spent two years in an Israeli prison says she is the blindfolded victim shown in a video of an Israeli soldier dancing around a female prisoner that has gone viral in recent weeks.  Read her account...


Eyewitness account: Bethlehem mosque torched by Jewish settlers

A mosque in the Palestinian village of Beit Fajjar, near Bethlehem, was torched at dawn on Monday by Jewish settlers, according to local Palestinian authorities. One of the villagers witnessed the scene. Read his account...


Israeli officer poses for Facebook in front of Palestinian prisoners

These photos were taken by a young female Israeli soldier. They were posted on Facebook in an album titled "IDF...The best time of my life". Read more and see the rest of the album...


How far will Israelis go to free Gilad Shalit?

The march in support of Gilad Shalit. Photo posted by Anat Zelichover on Flickr.

A march in solidarity with Gilad Shalit, organized by the captive soldier’s family, arrived last night at its destination: the home of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Our Observers on the ground take the pulse of public opinion. Read more...

Why Israeli soldiers can't dance in public

A hugely popular YouTube video has landed a group of Israeli soldiers in serious trouble. Read our Observer's take on the controversy.


“Raid on Freedom Flotilla will only underline Israel’s growing isolation”

Our Observer Joel Schalit is an Israeli writer based in Berlin. He sent us this opinion piece in reaction to the raid by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) on a flotilla of Gaza-bound aid ships on Monday morning. Read more...


Turkish fury over Israeli interception: “We'll all be on the next ship to Gaza"

Ten thousand people have been demonstrating outside the Israeli embassy in Istanbul today, in protest against the IDF interception of Gazan-bound aid ships. One of the protestors there tells us that along with thousands of others, he'll be on the next boat to the Strip. Read more...


“Anger everywhere” in Gaza after Israel storms aid ships

The Israeli army's interception of a flotilla of boats heading to Gaza with 10,000 tonnes of aid has dismayed locals in the strip. One of them, a student from Gaza City, says that people are already heading out to protest against the attack. Read her account...


Israel to deport migrant children: “A threat to the state’s Jewish character”

Thousands of demonstrators gathered on Tuesday night in Tel Aviv to protest the Israeli government's plans to deport some 1,200 children of illegal migrant labourers. One of our Observers was there. Read her account...


For your next holiday, what about the Hezbollah tour?

To commemorate the ten-year anniversary of Israel’s withdrawal from south Lebanon, Hezbollah is offering a new kind of daytrip. The tour features antitank missiles, the voice of Hassan Nasrallah, and… a scrubland full of soldiers. One of our Observers has been there. See his photos…