The tale of Mecca's 'halal sex shop': Racy, clicky... fake

The international media went into a frenzy after news broke that a “halal sex shop” was expected to open in Mecca, Islam's holiest site. It was certainly a juicy story (and undeniably clickable), but it turned out to be almost entirely false. Read more...

Al Qaeda and ISIS go to war - on Twitter

After a major offensive in northern Iraq, fighters for the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria, or ISIS – which recently started calling itself simply ‘the Islamic State’ – are now making gains in eastern Syria. In this country, their main target is not President Bashar Al Assad’s troops, but the Al Nusra Front - which is a branch of al Qaeda. The two jihadist groups are waging a bloody battle, both on the ground and online
.

Buddhist extremists attack Sri Lankan mosque during Eid

Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of Ramadan, was a bitter experience this year for Muslims living in Colombo, the Sri Lankan capital. On Saturday, August 10th, while they were praying in a mosque in the eastern Grandpass neighbourhood, Buddhist extremists attacked and desecrated the holy site, injuring five people in the process. The attack was part of wider campaign mounted against Muslims and Christians by Buddhist hardliners who claim their culture and religion are under threat. Read more...

Renewed calls for jihad in Homs after Sunni shrine destroyed

The mausoleum of Khalid bin al Walid, one of the Prophet’s companions, was destroyed by shelling from the Syrian army on Monday, provoking outrage in the city of Homs. Rebel fighters there are now trying to use this incident to recruit new fighters via the Internet. Read more...

Our Observers explain why they’re protesting against “Innocence of Muslims”

Tensions remain high in the Muslim world over “Innocence of Muslims”, a video recently published on YouTube. Protests denouncing the video as insulting to Islam, and in particular to its Prophet Muhammad, have taken place in several Muslim countries on Friday and over the weekend. We asked several protesters to tell us what shocked them most about the video. Read more...

Once at front of fight for freedom, Burmese monks now march against Muslim minority

After leading some of the largest demonstrations against Burma’s former military junta in 2007, hundreds of Buddhist monks have once again taken to the streets in protest. Yet instead of marching to demand greater freedoms, they are demonstrating in support of President Thein Sein’s recent proposal to either deport members of the country’s minority Rohingya Muslim community, or send them to camps. Read more…

Ethiopia’s Muslims protest against being “treated like terrorists”

Long known for its religious tolerance, Ethiopia’s reputation now looks to be hanging in the balance as some members of its Muslim community have accused the government of treating them as if they were terrorists, resulting in a wave of mounting protests in the capital Addis Ababa. Read more…

Thirty hour-long strike in Bangladesh


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A group of loyalist of Bangladesh government swings a stick towards a member of Islami Andolan during the 3o hour strike in Bangladesh.© Monirul Alam

A group of loyalist of Bangladesh government swings a stick towards a member of Islami Andolan Bangladesh, a radical Islamist group, during a daylong strike in Kachpur near Dhaka.Twelve mostly Islamist political parties have called a 30-hour countrywide general strike from July 10 to protest the 15th constitution amendment bill which was passed into law. The bill scrapped the caretaker government system but retained Islam as state religion, alongside some other basic changes, police said.